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Readers Respond: Which is your favorite 'Lost' couple and why?

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Are you a Jater (a {relation}shipper rooting for Jack and Kate), Skater (Sawyer and Kate), or are you all about Desmond and Penny? Or is it another Lost couple that you are drawn to?

Sawyer and Juilet

I loved how Sawyer developed his character though this loving relationship.Sawyer transformed into a caring human being, not just out for him self. I also loved how they rediscovered their past and love for each other in the final episode. I was so touched.
—Guest cathy katkus

What about Libby and Hugo?

They weren't together long but I think they deserve at least a mention on this list. Rose and Bernand also deserve some props.
—Guest Davidsfr

Claire and Charlie

Charlie and Claire’s relationship was a continuing story of trust and mistrust issues. Claire Littleton, burdened by past abandonment issues is wary of a close relationship with Charlie. Charlie Pace hampered with drug dependency and self-esteem problems, seeks stability in his life—what it all comes down to are both Claire and Charlie need to rely on each other as a family—with a sense of belonging. Dominic Monaghan's and Emilie de Ravin's portrayal of their characters are both touching and ‘childlike’, each trying to redeem themselves through each other. Their performances do not rely on the romantic angle as much as each others’ reliance on what they have to give to each other—their acceptance and growth of each other.

Here's a Stretch...

I think the most important 'relationship' in LOST--is the relationship between Jack and Locke, and how each of them influenced the other.

Lost's Greatest Loves, Part 2:

1. Jack Shephard and Kate Austen, 2. Desmond Hume and Penelope Widmore, 3. Sun-Hwa Kwon and Jin-Soo Kwon, 4. Charlie Hieronymus Pace and Claire Littleton, 5. James ‘Sawyer’ Ford and Juliet Burke The relationship between Jin and Sun was a very special in-depth look into a cultural union laced with class structure, shame of parentage, pride, and love. What made this union unique to me were the actors (Yunjin Kim [Sun], and Daniel Dae Kim [Jin]) who played the roles more with their expressions on screen than the written dialogue.

Lost's Greatest Loves

Desmond and Penny's pairing compares favorably with any romantic coupling in the history of literature--however, Jack and Kate is my choice as the top romantic couple on Lost. From Kate's first introduction to Jack, to the unspoken devotion and admiration for each other through their adventures on the island, Jack's dependence on Kate 'always covering his back'--throughout the intense period between Jack and Kate as a couple on the mainland--to the culmination of their love for each other as the survivors assemble at the 'church' to journey into their afterlife.

Jack and Kate

Jack and Kate forever. He fell in love with her from the beginning..it's so sweet. And after six seasons, she finally proclaimed "I love you" in one of the most beautiful scene of season six. Jate is destiny!! I think that Sawyer and Juliet are cute together.
—Guest Cinzia

Des and Penny

They had the best episodes of all the couples -- especially "The Constant" and "Happily Ever After". Those were my top two favorite episodes out of the whole 6 seasons. The music was beautiful and the writing was exquisite. I will probably look at those two again and again -- plus the other eps. the two were in.
—Guest Suzy :D

Sawyer and Kate

They have the most substance. I think it's sweet that they keep coming back to each other. He's a little more low-key than Jack. Sawyer seemed like the kind of guy who could never fall in love, but ended up falling for her. He kept his feelings to himself for awhile, but we always saw that they just got each other in a way I don't think Kate and Jack do. They have a lot of passion...cages. Even when others may seek their love, they always look out for the other person. We see Sawyer still longing/caring for Kate when he's with Juliet, and Kate doing favors for Sawyer when she's engaged to Jack. They always have each others' back. "Outlaws", "There's No Place Like Home", "What Kate Did", and "I Do" are great Sawyer-Kate episodes. "You taste like fish biscuits," and "Close your eyes, Freckles," get me every time. I loved seeing them in the flash-sideways together, too. ("Oh, I like you," when Kate catches Sawyer's lie). I will not be happy without them together in the end.
—Guest Elle

Jack and Kate

I just loved Jack and Kate. They just seemed to go together. Sawyer is good with Juliet. I will be so disappointed if Sawyer ends up with Kate. I think it was just lust with Kate and Sawyer and true love with Jack and Kate.
—Guest Julie

Sawyer and Kate

I love them! But I must agree they didn't deserve first place but I hated seeing Sawyer and Juliet on the first place. I'd prefer if it was Penny and Desmond! They're so epic! About Kate and Sawyer, she loves him not Jack. She used to see in Jack someone safe that would bring stability into her life when Sawyer scared her and reminded her Wayne (father) and for that she didn't want to love Sawyer but she couldn't help it. If she really loved Jack she wouldn't give up on him like she had when he broke down and started to drink. And for Sawyer she was always there when he needed it, even if he's been rude! Xoxo
—Guest Skate4ever


I love Sawyer & Kate because they love each other so much.
—Guest emma

Penny and Desmond

I'm a sucker for the star-crossed lovers. These two have everything going against them, but they still manage to make it back to each other. Penny is as loyal and passionate as Odysseus' wife, spending three years searching for her long lost love. She scours the planet, uses any possible means, just to get her Desmond back. When she's got him, she doesn't let go. She throws away her father, her home and her life to live on a boat floating in the middle of nowhere with her husband and son. Des is the classic lost hero. He struggles to face his fears and do what's right, and luck never seems to be on his side. He desperately tries to win his honor back and claim the girl he loves, but he ends up stuck on an island, saving the world, for three years. He's a hero who finally comes to terms with who he is, and loves his girl more than anything else in the world. Romeo and Juliet, or Odysseus and Penelope, Desmond and Penny are the sweetest and most romantic couple in the history of Lost.
—Guest AwesomeAuror

Charlie and Claire

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic, and these two are the classic tragic love story. He's the one-hit wonder star who just wants to rock out and kick the heroin. She's the pregnant single mother-to-be who wants to get rid of her past and her mistakes. They crash on an island, they sleep under the stars, they fall in a complicated sort of love. He looks out for her, protects her, goes to any extent to make her happy. She rejects him, pushes him away when he's wrong, but stands by him when he really needs it. He gave up his life for her and his "son". He would give the moon and the stars to make sure that his "family" is safe. They both changed dramatically. They both loved each other. Charlie is a hero and Claire is lost in time and in herself, trying to make it back to the people who are her world.
—Guest QuoteGirl


I'm a total Skater girl. I think Juliet's a disgrace to all blonds and I'm one of them. People say I look like her, and I'm actually pretty, and when you do so much research before you see season 3 it seems so magical and romantic. Then Sawyer and Juliet makes you upset. Kate and Sawyer make more sense, and makes you happy. When you're obsessed, you have a heart break, and my opinion, I'm okay that she's gone.

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