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Readers Respond: What do you think of Donald's 'End Game' theory?

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In addition to his Donald A. Salerno Jr.'s Theory on Everything, he has now written a Theory on the End Game of Lost. This theory makes a lot of sense to me and has put into words kind of what I was thinking anyway. What do you think of this theory?

I Disagree

The main theme for 'Lost' has been fate and destiny. I believe in the alternate reality or flash-sideways as you call it will show in the end that Jack will operate on Locke to fix his spine and accidentally kill him on the table. In the island reality Jack will take Jacob's place and kill Flocke in the end. I also believe the significance of the number of cast members on the island has to do w/ who's on whose team. There are 14 members from the Last supper picture. 7 on jacobs team and 7 on MIB's team. Some members that were originally thought to be candidates for Jacob were never that. They are basically the Good team vs Evil. That has slowly become evident in this new season as we are seeing whose siding w/ FLocke and who isn't.
—Guest Woolu

Interesting, but ....

I'm not sure this theory adequately explains why the MIB cannot leave the island, particularly now when Jacob is dead. Even when the Black Rock was sailing offshore of the island, the MIB didn't talk like he was intersted in "playing a game". It appears to me that MIB is and has been a prisoner, not willing conductor of an experiment.
—Guest Jean
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