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'Lost' Theories - Theories on the Mysteries of 'Lost'

Talking Lost theories is a fun pastime. Polar bears, monsters, "Others", the numbers...so many mysteries on our little Lost island.
  1. Theories by Episode (71)
  2. Island Theories (4)
  3. Jacob Theories (4)

What will the final scene of 'Lost' be?
How will it end? What will the final scene of 'Lost' be? These are all just guesses.

Theories on 'Lost'
An overview of 'Lost' theories.

Mass Hypnosis
Howard Sandak's theory on 'Lost'.

It All Started With Charlotte
Carlos from Spain has a theory on why Charlotte is so important to the story.

Game Over and How 'Lost' Concludes
Donald A. Salerno gives his theory on the meaning and the ending of 'Lost'.

Lost Comic-Con Discussion - Give Your Opinion in the Lost Com…
It's time to join in on the Lost Comic-Con discussion and pick apart all that we learned from Comic-Con 2009.

A Theory of Everything 'Lost' Theory
Donald A. Salerno Jr. shares a 'Lost' theory.

Dharma Children Become Children of the Others
Ryan's theory on how the children of Dharma become children of the Others.

Is Charlie Hume, Charles Widmore?
Could Desmond and Penny's little Charlie grow up to be Charles Widmore?

John and Ben Brothers 'Lost' Theory
Mayritabonita shares a 'Lost' theory.

Sawyer An Other 'Lost' Theory
Naina shares a 'Lost' theory.

Jack's First Flash Forward a Flashback 'Lost' Theory
Madkow shares a 'Lost' theory.

Dharma Freighters 'Lost' Theory
Dizzy Dan shares a 'Lost' theory.

815 Cover Up 'Lost' Theory
Nade shares a 'Lost' theory.

The Electromagnetic Anomaly
Tanvee shares her 'Lost' theory.

Very Real and Shared Virtual Reality
Shawn shares his 'Lost' theory of virtual reality.

The Valenzetti Countdown Theory
Manoover provides a theory for the island of 'Lost'.

Massive Covert Operation Theory
Manoover brings his theory that 'Lost' island is part of the most massive covert operation in history.

Black Smoke Theory
It's possible that the black smoke is each person's own personal demon.

The Others
Who are the Others and how much power do they really have?

The Appearance of Coincidence
A theory that those on the 'Lost' island are there for a reason, brought there by the island itself.

EW's Top Five 'Lost' Theories
EW.com sifts through dozens of theories and runs five popular possibilities past 'Lost's producers and cast.

Fan Theories
MSNBC has collected fan theories on what is going on with 'Lost'.

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