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The 'Lost' Numbers - 4 8 15 16 23 42

It first became apparent that the numbers were significant during the 18th episode of the first season, appropriately called "Numbers". Hurley won the lottery using the numbers and since then we have seen the numbers crop up again and again, either together or separately.

Cave Wall and Lighthouse Names and Numbers
The names and numbers listed on the cave wall and the lighthouse dial.

'Lost' Number 4
'Lost' number four occurrences in 'Lost' episodes.

'Lost' Number 8
'Lost' number eight occurrences in 'Lost' episodes.

'Lost' Number 15
'Lost' number fifteen occurrences in 'Lost' episodes.

'Lost' Number 16
'Lost' number sixteen occurrences in 'Lost' episodes.

'Lost' Number 23
'Lost' number twenty-three occurrences in 'Lost' episodes.

'Lost' Numbers 42
'Lost' number forty-two occurrences in 'Lost' episodes.

'Lost' Number Combos
'Lost' number combination occurrences in 'Lost' episodes.

The Numbers Quiz
How well do you know the numbers?

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