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Randy Nations


Most Prominent Island Connection:


Randy was Hurley's boss at Mr. Clucks. Later Hurley bought the restaurant and became Randy's boss.

Other Known Connections:


Randy was Locke's boss at the box company.

Episode Appearances:

  • Episode 1x4, Walkabout
    Randy is Locke's boss and makes fun of Locke for wanting to do the Australian Walkabout. Locke tells Randy not to tell him what to do and later tells Helen how good it felt to tell Randy off.
  • Episode 2x4, Everybody Hates Hugo
    Randy is Hurley's boss at Mr. Cluck's. He calls Hurley into his office to say Hurley was caught eating chicken and he gives away too many napkins. Hurley quits and then later, with his friend, writes "Cluck You" in garden gnomes on Randy's lawn.
  • Episode 3x10, Tricia Tanaka is Dead
    After winning the lottery, Hurley buys Mr. Clucks and Randy becomes his employee. Randy seems happy and excited to be on the news. He tells Tricia Tanaka that she and the camera man can go inside to record some footage. Hurley doesn't want them to, but Randy says he's just being superstitious.

    As Hurley and Randy talk outside, a meteor hits Mr. Clucks.

  • Episode 4x1, The Beginning of the End
    In a flash forward, we see Randy videotaping Hurley getting caught by the police. Randy works for Circuit House.

  • Episode 6x4, The Substitute
    Randy is Locke's boss and calls him on not going to the conference and then fires him. Later, Locke meets the owner of the company, Hurley, who says that Randy is a douche.
Portrayed by: Billy Ray Gallion
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