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Yemi, Eko's brother, in Lost episode ?


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Most Prominent Island Connection:



Other Known Connections:


Episode Appearances:

  • Episode 2x10, The 23rd Psalm
    When Eko and Yemi are kids, thugs come into their village and tell Yemi to shoot an old man. Eko takes the gun from Yemi and shoots the old man. The thugs rip Eko's cross off his neck and take Eko with them. Yemi picks up the cross.

    As an adult, Eko needs to become a priest so that he can transport drugs out of Nigeria. He goes to his brother Yemi, who is a priest, to sign the papers. He threatens Yemi and Yemi signs the papers.

    When Eko and the men he works with are dressed as priests and getting ready to transport the drugs, Yemi comes and asks Eko to leave. The military comes and Yemi gets caught in the cross fire. Eko loads him onto the plane, but is pushed out when trying to get on himself.

    On the island, Eko knows the body in the plane is that of his brother, because he is wearing the cross the thugs had removed from Eko's neck.

  • Episode 2x21, ?
    Eko sees Yemi in a vision. Yemi tells him that the work on the island is important and that it is in danger. He must help John (Locke) find his way. Because of Yemi, Eko and Locke find the Pearl Station.
  • Episode 3x5, The Cost of Living
    Yemi appears to Eko several times and asks him to confess. Eko doesn't confess, he says he didn't sin. Yemi says, "You talk to me as if I were your brother." The smoke monster kills Eko soon after.

Portrayed by: Adetokumboh McCormack

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