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Nikki Fernandez


Nikki in Lost episode Further Instructions


©ABC/Mario Perez

Episode Appearances:

  • Episode 3x3, Further Instructions
    Nikki runs up to Locke as he's dragging Eko in. She says they need to get Jack, but Hurley says that Jack isn't coming back.

  • Episode 3x5, The Cost of Living
    Nikki goes with Locke's group to the Pearl Station. She watches the Orientation video and suggests that Sayid use the TVs to tap into the other stations since the computer is a closed line.

  • Episode 3x6, I Do
    Nikki wants to know what happened to Eko and Locke says it must have been an animal.

  • Episode 3x10, Tricia Tanaka is Dead
    Paulo doesn't let Nikki go with Hurley to check out the car that Hurley found in the jungle.

  • Episode 3x11, Enter 77
    When Sawyer rants about his stash being gone, Nikki points out that it wasn't really his to begin with.

  • Episode 3x14, Exposi
    Nikki remembers being with the director of the show she was guest starring in, Expose. She and Paulo poisoned the director so that they could get the diamonds he had in his safe.

    After the plane crashed, Nikki was more concerned with finding the bag with the diamonds in it than anything else. She flirted with Dr. Arzt in order to get him to draw a map to help her find her bag.

    They can't find it, but Nikki later finds out that Paulo had Nicotine gum, which means that he found the bag. She took a spider from Arzt's collection. If bitten by the spider, you don't die, but you are paralyzed for about 8 hours.

    She throws the spider on the Paulo and then searches him until she finds the diamonds. The spider attracts other spiders, and one bites Nikki. She hurries to bury the diamonds and then goes to the beach, where she falls to the sand. She tries to tell Sawyer and Hurley that she is paralyzed, but they don't understand and think that she is dead.

    They dig a grave and Nikki and Paulo are buried alive.

Portrayed by: Kiele Sanchez
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