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Nadia Jazeem


Nadia in Lost episode 1x9, Solitary


©ABC/Mario Perez

Most Prominent Island Connection:


Sayid's childhood friend and someone he is forced to torture in their adult lives.

Other Known Connections:


She is a customer of Locke's home inspection business.

Other Known Connections:


Charlie saved her from a mugger.

Episode Appearances:

  • Episode 1x9, Solitary
    Sayid is asked to torture his childhood friend, Nadia, to find out about a bombing. Sayid risks everything to sneak Nadia some bread. Sayid is told to execute Nadia. He leads her to the execution room and excuses the other guards. He takes off her mask and tells her a truck is leaving for Baghdad. Sayid's commander comes in and asks what is going on. Sayid shoots his commander. Nadia begs Sayid to come with her, but he says that Saddam will kill his family if he leaves.
  • Episode 1x21, The Greater Good
    Central Intelligence and ASIS hold Sayid in an airport. They tell him that C-4 explosives were stolen from an Army base and they want Sayid to help get them back. In exchange they will tell him where Nadia is.
  • Episode 2x17, Lockdown
    John Locke inspects Nadia's new home. We learn that she is not married.
  • Episode 3x21, Greatest Hits
    In Charlie's flashback, he saves Nadia from a mugger. She tells him that he is a hero.

  • Episode 4x9, The Shape of Things to Come
    In the future, Sayid attends Nadia's funeral and tells Ben that he spent eight years looking for her, found her, married her, and then she was killed.

  • Episode 4x12, There's No Place Like Home Part 1
    After getting off the island, Sayid and Nadia reunite. Nadia attends Hurley's birthday party and Christian Shephard's funeral with Sayid.

  • Episode 5x16, The Incident
    Sayid and Nadia are walking down the street talking about their anniversary. They begin to cross the street as Nadia is looking for her sunglasses and Jacob stops Sayid to ask for directions. Nadia is hit by a car.

  • Episode 6x6, Sundown
    In the flash-sideways, Nadia welcomes Sayid into her home with her husband, Sayid's brother, and two children. Nadia finds out that Sayid carries a picture of her in his bag. Sayid's brother is attacked and injured in the hospital, and Nadia begs Sayid to go home and stay with the children and make them feel safe. When she comes home, she says that Omer is awake and doing well. She asks Sayid why he pushed her to his brother and he says that with all he's done, he doesn't deserve her.

  • Episode 6x13, The Last Recruit
    In the flash-sideways, Sayid returns to the house after shooting Keamy and Keamy's men. He quickly packs and tells Nadia that he's leaving and he won't be able to come back. She asks what he's done. There is a knock at the door and Sayid asks her to stall.

    She answers the door for Detective Straume and he looks in her house. Sayid is arrested by Sawyer as he tries to the leave through the back door.

Portrayed by: Andrea Gabriel
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