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Dr. Marvin Candle


Marvin Candle as Edgar Halliwax

Marvin Candle

ABC/Mario Perez

Most Prominent Island Connection:

Orientation Film


Dr. Candle hosted the Orientation film

Otherwise Known As:

  • Episode 2x3, Orientation
    Desmond has Locke and Jack watch the Orientation film. On it, Dr. Candle explains Swan Station 3 and the importance of pushing the button. Dr. Candle appears to have a prosthetic left arm and hand.
  • Episode 2x9, What Kate Did
    Locke, Michael, and Eko watch the Orientation film with Dr. Marvin Candle on it. Later, Eko shows Locke some film that he found and they splice it together with the original film to get more information.

  • Episode 2x21, ?
    Locke and Eko find an Orientation Video in the Pearl Station. Again, Dr. Marvin Candle is on the video, however he introduces himself as Dr. Mark Wickmund. He explains that the Pearl is a monitoring station where the activities of the participants in The Dharma Initiative projects can be observed and recorded. In this video, he appears to have the use of both arms.

  • Episode 3x11, Enter 77
    Locke beats a computer in The Flame Station at chess and is treated by a message from Dr. Marvin Candle. He does not introduce himself this time, and it is not clear whether or not he has the use of both arms.

    He says, "Manual override achieved. For pallet drop, enter 204. For station uplink, enter 32. For mainland communication, enter 38."

    Locke enters 38 and Dr. Candle says, "The satellite dish is inoperable. Communications are down. For sonar access, enter 56."

    Locke enters 56. Candle says, "Sonar is inoperable. Has there been an insurgent of this station by the hostiles? If so, enter 77."

    Locke is about to enter the numbers when Mikhail comes up behind him and puts a knife to his throat.

    Later, Locke does enter 77, and shortly after the station blows up with Locke, Sayid, Kate, Mikhail, and Rousseau outside.

Episode Appearances:

  • Episode 4x13, There's No Place Like Home Part 2
    Ben gives Locke the orientation video from the Orchid Station. Marvin Candle, calling himself Dr. Edgar Halliwax, explains about the station and the vault inside of it. He says never to place anything metal inside the vault. He is about to demonstrate time travel with a bunny, but the tape rewinds, and Locke can't get it to stop.

Portrayed by: Francois Chau

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