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Dr. Brooks


Dr. Brooks in Lost episode Dave

Dr. Brooks

©ABC/Mario Perez

Most Prominent Island Connection:



Other Known Connections:


Doctor at the mental institute where Libby stayed for awhile

Episode Appearances:

  • Episode 2x18, Dave
    Dr. Brooks counsels Hurley and tells him that the accident where Hurley walked out on a deck and it collapsed, killing people, wasn't his fault. Dave doesn't like Dr. Brooks and tries to get Hurley to go against him. Dr. Brooks convinces Hurley that Dave is not real after showing him a picture he had taken of the both of them, but only Hurley is in the picture.
  • Episode 6x12, Everybody Loves Hugo
    In the flash-sideways, Libby comes to Hurley's table in a restaurant to talk to him. Dr. Brooks from the mental institution comes and takes her away.

    Hurley goes to the mental institution to ask Dr. Brooks if he can see Libby, but Dr. Brooks doesn't think it's a good idea. He changes his mind when Hurley makes a large donation to the institution.

Portrayed by: Bruce Davison

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