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Bernard Nadler

Fictional Character Profile


Bernard Nadler from Lost episode The Whole Truth

Bernard Nadler (Sam Anderson)

©ABC/Mario Perez
Most Prominent Island Connection: Bernard survived the tail section crash

Other Known Connections: Rose

Relationship: Husband

Bernard's Nicknames From Sawyer: Bernard's Sawyer Nicknames

Episode Appearances:

  • Episode 2x4, Everybody Hates Hugo
    Bernard opens the door to the bunker when the group arrives (which includes Sawyer, Jin, and Michael). He asks if there is a woman named Rose on the other side of the island.

  • Episode 2x5, …And Found
    Bernard gathers and cleans fish with Ana-Lucia.

  • Episode 2x6, Abandoned
    Bernard travels with the rest of the group across the island. He attempts to help Sawyer, who is injured from the bullet wound in his shoulder. When Ana-Lucia wants to leave Sawyer, Bernard voices his opinion that they shouldn't leave him.

  • Episode 2x7, The Other 48 Days
    Bernard is strapped to his airline seat next to a dead guy. He is stuck in a tree. Ana-Lucia helps him to get down. Later, as they cross the island, Bernard attempts to use the radio to make contact with the outside world. He makes contact with Boone, but Ana-Lucia takes the radio away saying that it's "them" (meaning the Others) trying to trick them.

  • Episode 2x8, Collision
    Bernard wants to go on to the camp, but Ana-Lucia tries to guilt him into staying. He goes on and finds Rose at the original camp.

  • Episode 2x9, What Kate Did
    Hurley is surprised that Rose's husband is white.

  • Episode 2x16, The Whole Truth
    Bernard and Rose come upon Sun who is hunched over in pain. They want to get Jin, but Sun won't let them. Bernard later learns that Sun is pregnant.

  • Episode 2x19, S.O.S.
    Bernard helps Rose put the Dharma food on a shelf at the beach. He wonders what they are doing there and why they aren't doing anything to get rescued. In flashbacks, we learn that Bernard wanted to marry Rose despite her having a terminal disease. He tried to fix her by taking her to a guru in Australia, which put them on Flight 815 to return home. On the island, Bernard gets people to help build an S.O.S. sign, but alienates most of his helpers. Rose tells him that she is healthy because of the island and he says he will stay there with her forever.

  • Episode 2x23, Live Together, Die Alone
    Bernard moves Claire to safety just before the hatch door falls on the beach. He asks Charlie where Eko is when Charlie returns alone.

  • Episode 3x21, Greatest Hits
    Bernard and Rose tie knots in wire. Bernard tells Rose that she's doing it wrong, and Rose shows him that her knot held, while his didn't.

    Later, Bernard shows Sayid that he can be one of the shooters by shooting Dharma cans. Rose doesn't want him to do it, but Bernard insists.

  • Episode 3x22, Through the Looking Glass
    Bernard is waiting in the bushes for the Others to come. After Sayid blows up one of the tents by shooting the dynamite surrounding it, Bernard blows the second tent. When Jin's dynamite doesn't go off and Jin begins shooting at the Others who are left, Bernard runs into the jungle, but he is captured.

    Sayid and Jin are also captured and Jin and Sayid both say not to tell the Others where Jack and the group went. Bernard caves when they threaten to shoot Jin and tells them everything he knows.

  • Episode 4x1, The Beginning of the End
    Bernard travels with the group to find Jack. He is reunited with Rose and says he will go with her if she wants to go with Locke's group, but she says she's not going anywhere with that man and they stay with Jack's group.

  • Episode 4x7, Ji Yeon
    Bernard goes fishing with Jin and tells him that they are the only married men on the island. He talks about karma and then Jin catches a fish, which makes Bernard say that they must be the good guys. This prompts Jin to forgive Sun for her affair.

  • Episode 4x9, The Shape of Things to Come
    Bernard says that Daniel should be able to use the sat phone as a telegraph. Daniel gets it working and uses Morse code to communicate with the freighter. When the code comes back and Daniel says the helicopter is returning in the morning, Bernard says he's lying, that the code said the doctor was fine.

  • Episode 4x10, Something Nice Back Home
    Bernard wants Daniel to tell him the truth about the sat phone signal, but Daniel insists that there is no signal and he doesn't know why.

    Bernard assists Juliet during Jack's appendectomy. He suggests Chloroform to knock Jack out, but Jack refuses. Later, as he's in agony and Juliet is yelling for Bernard to knock Jack out, he puts the Chloroform on a rag and covers Jack's mouth and nose.

    After the surgery he finds Kate to tell her that Jack is fine and the surgery went well and she can go in.

  • Episode 5x1, Because You Left
    After the flash of light, Bernard yells for Rose. They find each other and Bernard tells Juliet and Sawyer that the camp is gone.

  • Episode 5x2, The Lie
    Rose and Bernard argue over how to make fire. Neil wonders why they are even bothering.

  • Episode 5x16, The Incident
    Juliet, Sawyer, and Kate get back to the island not knowing where they are. Vincent comes out, followed by Rose and Bernard. They say that they've been living in a hut on the beach for the last three years and they are happy. They don't care if they die, as long as they are together.

    They tell Juliet, Kate, and Sawyer the direction to go to get to the Barracks.

  • Episode 6x1, LA X
    In the flash-sideways, Bernard returns from the bathroom and says he almost died in there (because of the turbulence). He and Rose say that they missed each other.

  • Episode 6x14, The Candidate
    In the flash-sideways, Jack goes to Bernard's dentist office to ask him how Locke got hurt. Bernard had performed emergency oral surgery on Locke three years back. Bernard says he can't break patient confidentiality, but tells Jack that a man named Anthony Cooper was with him at the time of the accident.

  • Episode 6x17, The End
    In the flash-sideways, Bernard is with Rose in the church.
Played by: Sam Anderson
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