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3 - "Tabula Rasa" Recap


Complete Episode Guide: Episode 1x3, Tabula Rasa Guide
Audio Recap: Tabula Rasa Audio

Flashbacks in Italics

Jack continues taking care of the patient whom he had operated on. The patient is a U.S. Marshal who keeps muttering the same things over and over, "Don't trust her," and "She's dangerous." Jack tries to figure out who he is talking about. In the Marshal's pocket, Jack finds a mug shot of Kate.

Camp or Press On?

The transceiver people work their way back down the mountain and argue whether to make camp or press on through the jungle to the beach. The man who accused Sayid of being a terrorist wants to keep going and says he'll use the gun to protect himself.

"Put your gun back in your pants, Sawyer," Kate says.
Sawyer decides to stay with the group.

At night, at the campfire, someone suggests they keep the French woman's transmission to themselves. Boone wants to tell the others, but Sayid says it will cause a panic. "Hope is a very dangerous thing to lose."

Hurley Finds Kate's Mug Shot

Jack is losing hope, but trying very hard to save the Marshal. Hurley helps as much as he can, and when he sees the mug shot of Kate, he says, "Uh, dude, what do you think she did? She looks pretty hard core."

Jack says it's none of their business.

Kate Gets the Gun

While everyone sleeps, Boone tries to steal the gun from Sawyer. Everyone gets upset and they decide as a group that Kate should hold on to the gun.

Kate's Flashback - Annie

A farmer holds a shotgun pointed at Kate and asks what she's doing sleeping in his barn. They speak for awhile and realize they can help each other. He needs some help on the farm, and she needs a job with room and board. She tells the farmer that her name is Annie.

Kate Blabs

When the transceiver people reach the beach, Kate pulls Jack aside saying she has something to tell him in private. Jack believes she is going to come clean about her past, but instead she tells him of the French transmission. He asks if there is anything else that she wants to tell him and she says no, but asks if the Marshal regained consciousness. Jack says that he had briefly come to during the surgery. Kate wonders if he said anything and Jack lies, telling her that he said nothing.

Later, Jack tells Hurley that if they don't find stronger antibiotics the Marshal will die. Hurley says, "I've looked everywhere, except the fuselage".

"But that's full of bodies, and they're all dead," Hurley says.
In the fuselage, Jack searches for anything that will help the Marshal. He is careful not to disturb the dead bodies. He hears something and turns to see Sawyer, holding a flashlight to his own face. "Boo," Sawyer says.

Jack realizes that Sawyer had been rummaging through stuff left on the plane. Jack tells Sawyer to respect the dead, but Sawyer says, "Get with the program, Doc."

Husband and No Husband

Charlie and Claire collect luggage in a wheelchair. Charlie asks about her husband and she says she doesn't have one.

Sun looks at suitcases, brings one to Jin and in Korean (with subtitles) Jin tells her it's the wrong one. He also tells her to clean up her face because she is embarrassing him. As she walks away, he calls to her and says, "I love you."

Hurley's Encounter with Kate

Hurley goes to the makeshift infirmary tent where the Marshal is and is surprised to find Kate. He tries to act nonchalant but has a hard time. He notices the gun in her waistband. He quickly runs away, saying he needs to get water.
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