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5 - White Rabbit Highlights


"White Rabbit" Details

Complete Episode Guide: Episode 1x5, White Rabbit Guide
Original Airdate: 10/20/04
Written by: Christian Taylor
Directed by: Kevin Hooks

"White Rabbit" Flashback Information

Flashback Character: Jack
Flashback Highlights: As a kid Jack gets beat up by bullies when he tries to help another kid. His father tells him he shouldn't help other people. As an adult, Jack's mom tells him that his father is missing and that it's Jack's fault. Against his wishes, she sends Jack to Australia to find his father. He finds him, but he has died from drinking too much alcohol.

"White Rabbit" Island Highlights:

Jack saves Boone from the ocean, but a woman drowns. Jack keeps seeing a man in a suit and figures out it's his dead father. While chasing him, Jack falls off a cliff and is rescued by Locke , who tells him to consider that these are not hallucinations. Jack follows his father and finds fresh water and some plane wreckage and cargo. Among the wreckage is his father's coffin, but it's empty.

The bottled water is missing and everyone assumes that Sawyer has stolen it, but they later find the water with Boone.

Jack becomes the leader of the survivors.

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