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'Lost' Season 6 Plot Twists - The Most Shocking Plot Twists of 'Lost' Season 6


The best season 6 most shocking, jaw-dropping moments from least to most.

24. Jack Saves Charlie

The Most Shocking Plot Twists of 'Lost' Season 6 - Jack Saves Charlie
ABC/Mario Perez

Just as he did in the jungle, Jack saves Charlie on the plane in the flash-sideways. Charlie is not grateful, however, he tells Jack that he was supposed to die.

Episode 6x1, LA X

23. Ben's Grave

Ilana and Ben in 'Lost' episode 6x7, 'Dr. Linus'
ABC/Mario Perez

Ilana forces Ben to dig his own grave for killing Jacob. He gets away and is able to explain to her why he killed Jacob and she seems to understand.

Episode 6x7, Dr. Linus

22. Mother Kills Claudia

Mother and Claudia in 'Lost' episode 6x15, 'Across the Sea'
ABC/Mario Perez

Claudia is shipwrecked on the island just as she is about to deliver. A woman, who will later be known as Jacob and Man in Black's mother delivers the boys and then bashes Claudia's head with a rock.

Episode 6x15, Across the Sea

21. Smokey Kills Richard

ABC/Mario Perez

Richard goes to talk to Man in Locke and the smoke monster kills him before he can even say anything.

Episode 6x16, What They Died For

20. Locke's Plane Crash

Locke in 'Lost' episode 6x14, 'The Candidate'
ABC/Mario Perez

In the flash-sideways, Locke was in a plane crash that injured his spine and hurt his father.

Episode 6x14, The Candidate

19. Claire's Delusion

Justin and Claire in 'Lost' episode 6x5, 'Lighthouse'
ABC/Mario Perez

Claire captures the Other, Justin, and ties him up, saying that she wants to talk to him. He asks what about and she says, "About where you're hiding my son."

Episode 6x5, Lighthouse

18. Ethan Goodspeed

The Most Shocking Plot Twists of 'Lost' Season 6 - Ethan Goodspeed
ABC/Mario Perez

Ethan is a doctor at the hospital Kate takes Claire to in the flash-sideways. Instead of introducing himself as Dr. Rom (which was his last name on the island) he introduces himself as Ethan Goodspeed (which is Horace's last name).

Episode 6x3, What Kate Does

17. Black Rock vs. Statue

The Black Rock
ABC/Mario Perez

On its way inland, the Black Rock smashes through the statue, leaving nothing but a four-toed foot.

Episode 6x9, Ab Aeterno

16. Sayid Stabs Man in Locke

Man in Locke in 'Lost' episode 6x6, 'Sundown'
ABC/Mario Perez

Sayid plunges a knife into Man in Locke's chest. Man in Locke looks at it and looks at Sayid. He pulls it out and says, "Now why'd you go and do that?" He walks toward Sayid and holds out the knife. "You want it back?"

Man in Locke says he feels sorry for Sayid because Dogen knew that Sayid had no chance of killing him and hoped that Man in Locke would kill Sayid.

Episode 6x6, Sundown

15. Desmond on the Plane

The Most Shocking Plot Twists of 'Lost' Season 6 - Desmond on the Plane
ABC/Bob D'Amico

What's Desmond doing on Flight 815 in the flash-sideways? And he's wearing a wedding ring!

Episode 6x1, LA X

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