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Episode 17, Season 6 Highlights - 'The End'

'Lost' Season 6


Jack, Hurley, and Kate in Lost episode 6x17, The End

Jack, Hurley, and Kate in 'Lost' episode 6x17, 'The End'

ABC/Mario Perez
The End Details

Complete Episode Guide: Episode 6x17, The End Guide
All Episode Guides: Seasons 1-6 Guides
Original Airdate: 5/23/10
Written by: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse
Directed by: Jack Bender

The End Island Highlights
Jack is standing in a stream. Sawyer comes over and asks if he's okay. Jack says he is and that he doesn't feel any different. Jack goes back to their little camp and tells Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate that they need to go out past the bamboo forest to find what Jack needs to protect.

Sawyer goes to get Desmond, and Jack says they'll leave a trail. Hurley says he's got a bad feeling about all of this.

Jack, Kate, and Hurley walk across the island. Kate asks Jack why he took the job of protector of the island and he says, "I took it because the island is all I've got left. It's the only thing in my life I haven't managed to ruin." Kate says he hasn't ruined anything and nothing is irreversible. Hurley says that would be really sweet if they weren't all about to die.

On another part of the island, Desmond wakes when Vincent licks his face. He's in Rose and Bernard's camp. Bernard goes to get food and Rose says that after he eats, Desmond will have to move along. She says that they broke their rule when they helped him. They don't get involved with the rest of them.

At the well, Ben catches Sawyer watching he and Man in Locke. Ben brings Sawyer over to Man in Locke and Man in Locke admits that he wants Desmond to destroy the island. Ben is hurt and Man in Locke says Ben can come with him on his boat. Sawyer hits Ben, takes his gun, and walks away.

Ben follows Man in Locke to Rose and Bernard's camp, where they get Desmond. As the three of them walk through the jungle, Ben's walkie talkie makes noise. He acts like he didn't hear anything and turns it off.

Sawyer runs to catch up with Jack, Kate, and Hurley. Sawyer says they have to find Desmond before Man in Locke does, but Jack says it doesn't matter because they are all going to the same place.

The four of them come upon Man in Locke, Ben, and Desmond and they travel to the bamboo forest together. Jack tells Sawyer that Desmond is a weapon. When they get there, Man in Locke says that only he, Jack, and Desmond will go the rest of the way.

At the cave, Man in Locke ties a rope to a tree, and Jack ties the other end around Desmond's waist. Desmond tells Jack that his destroying the island and Jack destroying Man in Locke doesn't matter because when Desmond goes down to the light, he's going to go to another place and Jack is there. Jack says it does matter.

As Man in Locke and Jack lower Desmond by the rope, Man in Locke says it should remind Jack of when he and Locke were looking down the hatch. Jack says, "You're not John Locke. You disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you're nothing like him. Turns out he was right about most everything. I just wish I would have told him that when he was still alive."

Man in Locke says that Locke wasn't right about anything and Jack says they'll just have to see who is right. After a bit, the rope goes slack and soon the light goes out. Man in Locke says, "It looks like you were wrong," and walks out. Jack walks out behind him and tackles him and punches him in the face. Man in Locke's mouth bleeds and Jack says, "Looks like you were wrong, too." Man in Locke knocks him out with a rock blow to the face.

A little while later, Jack wakes and goes into the cave and yells for Desmond, but there is no answer. Jack leaves and comes up on Locke, standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Man in Locke unsheathes his knife and Jack runs at him. They fight and Man in Locke stabs him in the side and then gets on top of him, holding the knife to his throat. Kate shoots Man in Locke, and Jack pushes him over the cliff.

Hurley, Sawyer, and Ben come over. Jack tells them that he will take care of the island, and the rest of them need to get to the plane. Hurley and Ben decide to go with Jack.

Miles finds Richard passed out by the barracks. He calls Ben on the walkie talkie to tell him, but Ben doesn't answer. Richard comes to and asks what happened, and Miles says, "You thought it'd be a good idea to talk to the black smoke. He responded by throwing you into the damn jungle."

Richard says they still need to blow up the Ajira plane. They go and load the outrigger and Miles notices that Richard has a gray hair.

As they row through the sub debris on their way to Hydra Island, they bump into the dead captain. They also hear Frank yelling for help and pull him out of the water. Frank says that instead of blowing up the plane to keep Man in Locke from getting it, they should fly away in it.

When they get to shore, they ask Claire to go with them, but she says no and walks away.

Frank sends Miles under the plane with duct tape to fit everything together. Over the walkie, Miles tells Ben that they need to get over there right away.

Miles calls on the walkie talkie and says that they are getting on the Ajira plane and for Ben and everyone to get over to Hydra Island quickly. When the earth starts shaking, Ben pushes Hurley out of the way of a falling tree and gets trapped beneath it. They get him out and go to the cliffs, where Ben knows that Man in Locke is keeping the sailboat.

They get to the cliffs shortly after Kate, who had just shot Man in Locke, and Jack kicked him over the ledge. Jack says that he has to go back and fix the light and for the rest of them to get to the plane. Ben says that if the island sinks, he's going down with it, so he and Hurley go with Jack back to the cave.

Kate and Sawyer find Claire sitting in the sand and Kate tries to get Claire to go with them, but Claire says she doesn't know how to be a mother. Kate says that nobody does at first and she will help Claire. The three of them run to the plane. As the plane takes off, Kate holds Claire's hand.

At the cave, Jack says he's going down to the light by himself. He says that Hurley is supposed to be the new protector. Ben gives Jack a bottle to put water in for Hurley to drink.

Hurley and Ben hold the rope while Jack goes down. The light comes back on and they pull up the rope, only to find Desmond at the end of it. Hurley is really upset and Ben tells him that he will be a good leader and the first thing he can do is get Desmond home. He points out that Hurley's rules do not have to be the same as Jacob's rules.

Hurley asks if Ben will help him protect the island and Ben is deeply touched and says he'd be honored.

Jack washes out the other end of the cave and gets up and struggles through the bamboo forest. He collapses in the same place he'd been after the crash of Flight 815. Vincent comes out of the trees and lies down next to him. He sees the Ajira plane fly off and smiles. He closes his eye for the last time.

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