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'Lost' Season 2 Most Shocking Plot Twists - Best Plot Twists of 'Lost' Season 2


Lost never seems to be short on plot twists that can shock even the most avid fan. The shocking reveals began early in the first season. Some of these shocks were things that some of us guessed before they actually happened, but even the thought of them happening was shocking, so I've listed them here.

35. New Sheriff

ABC/Mario Perez
Sawyer runs a con on Kate, Jack, Locke and the rest of the camp with Charlie's help. Part of the plan is to kidnap Sun. Sawyer gets control of the guns and says, "New sheriff in town, boys! You all best get used to it."

Episode 2x13, The Long Con

34. Charlie's Virgin Mary

ABC/Mario Perez
Charlie tries to reconcile with Claire after Eko showed her that Charlie's Virgin Mary Statue had heroin inside. She doesn't want him around her baby and he walks through the jungle with a torch. He hides the Virgin Mary statue that Eko had given him and we see that several other statues are already stashed.

Episode 2x10, The 23rd Psalm

33. Pregnancy Test

ABC/Mario Perez
Sun asks Sawyer for a pregnancy test, takes it with Kate, and finds out she is pregnant, but doesn't want to tell Jin. After she does tell Jin, she swears that she had never been with another man.

Episode 2x16, The Whole Truth

32. Dead Body

ABC/Mario Perez
Looking for Michael in the jungle, Jin and Eko come upon a dead body with a stake sticking out of his chest. Mr. Eko says, "His name was Goodwin." Jin says, "Others?" and Eko nods.

Episode 2x5, …And Found

31. Friendly Fire

ABC/Mario Perez
Jack, Sawyer, and Locke travel through the jungle in search of Michael, and Mr. Friendly steps out. He says they have to talk. As they sit around a fire, he tells them that this is not "your island. This is our island, and the only reason you're living on it is because we let you live on it." He says that right there is the line and Jack and his people are not to cross it.

Episode 2x11, The Hunting Party

30. Jin, Not Sun

ABC/Mario Perez
In a flashback, Sun learns that it is not her who can't have children, it's Jin.

Episode 2x16, The Whole Truth

29. Bernard is Alive

ABC/Mario Perez
Rose always said that her husband was still alive and this proved to be true. Michael, Sawyer, and Jin met Bernard when they connected with the tail section survivors who were on a different part of the island.

Episode 2x4, Everybody Hates Hugo

28. Eko, A Born Killer

ABC/Mario Perez
As a kid, some thugs came to Eko's neighborhood and tried to force his brother Yemi to kill an old man. Eko spared his little brother by taking the gun and killing the man himself, then the thugs took Eko, saying that he was a born killer.

Episode 2x10, The 23rd Psalm

27. Boone on the Radio

ABC/Mario Perez
When Boone had called for help from the Nigerian plane and gotten an answer, it was actually Bernard on a radio on the other side of the island.

Episode 2x7, The Other 48 Days

26. It's Michael

ABC/Mario Perez
Kate and Jack wait in the jungle for the Others. Someone comes toward them and falls right in front of them. It's Michael.

Episode 2x18, Dave

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