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Funniest Season 2 'Lost' Moments - The Funniest Moments of 'Lost' Season 2


As creepy and shocking as it can be, Lost can also be very funny. Here's a countdown of the funniest moments from season 2.

20. Charlie Doesn't Believe Hurley's Net Worth

ABC/Mario Perez
Hurley tells Charlie that he is worth 156 million. "I'm sorry," Charlie says. "I must have confused it with the 900 trillion I am worth myself. And this baby's made of chocolate lollipops, so if you'll excuse us, I'm going to flap my wings and fly off this island."

Episode 2x4, Everybody Hates Hugo

19. Sawyer's Favorite Leaf

ABC/Mario Perez
As they search for Michael, Jack asks Sawyer if any of the terrain looks familiar from when they brought him back from the other side of the island. Sawyer replies, "Well, yeah, there's my favorite leaf. How could I forget this place?"

Episode 2x11, The Hunting Party

18. Kidney Sharing

ABC/Mario Perez
In a flashback, Locke remembers sitting with Helen in the car at the cemetery after his father died. Helen joked that maybe Locke's father left him a kidney. Later, Locke's father, who had faked his death, tells Locke that he needs his help because there are two men who wanted to beat him. "What did you do," Locke asked, "steal their livers?"

Episode 2x17, Lockdown

17. Are You There God?

ABC/Mario Perez
When Sun approaches Sawyer to get a pregnancy test, Sawyer is reading Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Episode 2x16, The Whole Truth

16. Charlie's New Place

ABC/Mario Perez
Sawyer goes to his tent and finds Charlie building a shelter nearby. "Well, well," Sawyer says, "now look who had to relocate to the suburbs. Ain't that just like a woman? She keeps the house and you get the cheap-ass apartment."

Episode 2x12, Fire + Water

15. Rose's White Husband

ABC/Mario Perez
After Bernard is reunited with Rose on the beach, Hurley says to Jack, "So, Rose's husband's white. Didn't see that coming."

Episode 2x9, What Kate Did

14. Locke and Jack Worried About Each Other

ABC/Mario Perez
Ana-Lucia asks Sayid's help in finding Henry's balloon. Sayid wants to know if Jack and Locke know she is doing this and she says, "Jack and Locke are a little too busy worrying about Locke and Jack."

Episode 2x16, The Whole Truth

13. Guilty

ABC/Mario Perez
Sun and Hurley run into each other in the jungle, both trying to hide something from the other. Hurley has a candy bar and Sun has a pregnancy test.

Episode 2x16, The Whole Truth

12. Eko's Bachelor Pad

ABC/Mario Perez
Charlie finds Eko in the hatch and says, "So, you wake up in the middle of the night, you grab your Jesus stick, and you race off into the jungle. You don't call, you don't write." Eko apologizes and asks if Charlie will do him a favor. Charlie says, "You moving in here? Fancy yourself a little bachelor pad?"

Episode 2x22, Three Minutes

11. Locke Wrong

ABC/Mario Perez
Locke locks Eko out of the computer room in the hatch and then breaks the computer so that the code cannot be entered. After the timer reaches zero there is a huge magnetic charge. Locke looks at Eko and says, "I was wrong."

Episode 2x23, Live Together, Die Alone

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