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Sawyer's Nicknames for Kate Austen


Kate and Sawyer

Kate and Sawyer

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  • Freckles: Sawyer begins calling Kate freckles very early on, and continues. (Ep: 1x3, Tabula Rasa)
    • Kate has freckles on her face.

  • Sassafras: Kate asks if Sawyer has any more small bottles of liquor while they are camped out alone. "Alright, Sassafras, but if you want to drink, you've got to play." Episode 1x16, Outlaws

    • Puddin': Sawyer tells Kate that he knows she's a fugitive. "Don't worry puddin', your secret's safe with me." (Ep: 1x22, Born to Run)

    • Sweet Cheeks: Sawyer is upset with Kate for wanting to take his spot on the raft. "Hey, Sweet Cheeks, I had no idea how bad you wanted off this rock." (Ep: 1x22, Born to Run)
    • Sheena: Kate tells Sawyer that Sun was fighting for her life, but Sawyer points out that Kate hadn't been able to get away. "You versus Sun, hot oil death match, my money's on you, Sheena." (Ep: 2x13, The Long Con)
      • Sheena, Queen of the Jungle was originally a comic book character.

    • Thelma: Kate asks Sawyer for a gun and tells him he doesn't get to ask why. "Well, Thelma, seeing as I got all the guns, I do get to ask why." (Ep: 2x15, Maternity Leave)
      • Thelma and Louise is a 1991 movie where two women suddenly find themselves leading a life of crime.

    • Pippi Longstockings: Jack says that Michael doesn't want a bunch of people going to get Walt. "Yeah, well, him says even though Pippi Longstocking and the damn Grape Ape are ideal candidates for the Dirty Dozen -- I'm just going to say we might just want to bring the Red Beret." (Ep: 2x22, Three Minutes)
      • Pippi Longstocking is a fictional nine year old girl in a series of children's books created by author Astrid Lindgren.

    • Shortcake: Sawyer tells Kate that when they'd kissed, she tasted like strawberries. "Well, Shortcake, now we wait for these bastards to make a mistake." (Ep: 3x2, The Glass Ballerina)
      • Shortcake is a sweet biscuit that is commonly topped with strawberries.

    • Kiddo: Sawyer won't go back for Jack, even though Kate wants to. "Sorry, kiddo, Jack's on his own." (Ep: 3x9, Stranger in a Strange Land)

    • Magellan: Kate says they will take their boat around the island in search of their main camp. "Oh we will, huh? You got a map you're not showing me, Magellan?" (Ep: 3x9, Stranger in a Strange Land)
      • Ferdinand Magellan was a maritime explorer from Portugal.
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