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Sawyer's Nicknames for Frank




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Frank's Profile
Sawyer's Profile
  • Shaggy: Frank says that Keamy's men are going to get Ben, and Sawyer says, "Hang on, Shaggy, you said the hit squad is going to grab Ben Linus?" (Ep: 4x12, There's No Place Like Home Part 1)
    • Shaggy is a reference to Frank's beard and unruly hair.

  • Kenny Rogers: Frank tries to get his hand free of the handcuff. "Hey, Kenny Rogers, what you trying to do there? Pick a lock?" (Ep: 4x13, There's No Place Like Home Part 2)
    • Frank bears a resemblance to country singer Kenny Rogers.

  • Chesty: Frank asks Sawyer the plan and Sawyer says, "The plan, Chesty, is to land on Hydra Island, get ourselves nice and cuddly with Widmore until we get a chance to jump on that sub." (Ep: 6x13, The Last Recruit and Ep: 6x17, The End)
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