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James "Sawyer" Ford's Profile



James "Sawyer" Ford from episode 3x1

©ABC/Mario Perez

James "Sawyer" Ford Played by: Josh Holloway

Reason for the Flight: James "Sawyer" Ford was in Australia to kill the man that he wrongly believed to be responsible for his parents' deaths. He was on the flight because he was being deported on unrelated charges.

Profession: Con man

James "Sawyer" Ford Facts:

Pre-Crash: His birth name is James Ford. When he was young, his father killed his mother and then himself after the couple was conned by a man named Sawyer. When he grew up, Sawyer took on the name of the con man and learned to con.

One of his cons, Cassidy, figured out what he was doing and asked to be a part of it. The two conned together for awhile until he conned her. He ended up in prison, where Cassidy visited him to tell him he has a daughter.

Sawyer made a deal with the warden and was let out of prison. He anonymously sent his reward money to Cassidy's daughter.

He got news of where the real Sawyer was and went to Australia to kill him. After shooting the man, Sawyer realized that he had been conned and the man he shot was not the real Sawyer.

Island: Sawyer wants everyone to believe he is a jerk. He steals and hordes whatever he can.

Sawyer cons Jack and Locke and ends up with control of the guns. He and Kate seem to have a love/hate relationship.

Sawyer is captured by the Others, along with Jack and Kate. Sawyer and Kate are kept in cages. Kate climbs out of her cage and the two sleep together.

After escaping and returning back to the beach, Sawyer and Kate have an on again/off again relationship.

Sawyer moves from the beach into one of the Others' houses with Locke's group after the Others leave.

Sawyer is allowed to leave the island on the helicopter, but jumps out of the helicopter to lighten the weight load so that Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Desmond, Aaron, and Frank can make it to the freighter.

After coming to shore, he sees that the freighter has blown up.

The sky lights up and Sawyer and Juliet soon figure out that they are in the past. They join the Dharma Initiative in the 70s and build a life together. Three years later, their relationship and their place in Dharma falls apart when some of the Oceanic 6 return. After Jack throws a bomb into the swan hatch hole, the group returns to the present. Desmond removes a cork in the island, making it possible for Kate to kill Man in Locke, and then Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Frank, Richard, and Miles fly off of the island.

Flash-sideways: Sawyer is a detective at the LAPD. His partner is Miles. Sawyer is searching for the man who caused his parents' death so that he can kill him. He's kept this from Miles, but finally tells him.

Strong Relationships: Hurley, Claire, Miles

Rocky Relationships: Kate, Jack

Flashback Episodes:

James "Sawyer" Ford's Story:

Sawyer's Nicknames:

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