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Sawyer - Good or Bad?

What's your take on Sawyer?


Sawyer in Lost episode 5x8, LaFleur


ABC/Mario Perez
Sawyer's Full Profile: James "Sawyer" Ford

There are many sides to Sawyer and, as with most people, sometimes he's good and sometimes he's not. But overall, is Sawyer a good guy or a bad guy? What do you think?

Argument 1 - Sawyer's a Bad Guy

    In the beginning Sawyer gave us lots of reasons to think he was a bad guy. He was a real jerk to everyone and stole and hoarded things from the dead passengers. Here is some of what he did:

  • Sawyer is real jerk after the plane crash. He accuses Sayid of being a terrorist. He also takes the Marshal's badge and gun, and steals off the bodies in the plane. (Ep: 1x1, Pilot Part 1), (Ep: 1x3, Tabula Rasa)

  • Hangs out with Kate instead of telling her that Jack has been trapped in a cave-in. (Ep: 1x7, The Moth)

  • He won't say anything about Shannon's asthma meds until Kate kisses him, and then he says that he doesn't have them. (Ep: 1x8, Confidence Man)

  • He outs Kate being a criminal when she threatens to take his place on the raft. (Ep: 1x22, Born to Run)

  • Sawyer pulls a long con on the survivors in order to get control of the guns. (Ep: 2x13, The Long Con)

  • He won't let Sun look through the medical supplies until she tells him that she needs a pregnancy test. (Ep: 2x16, The Whole Truth)

  • He kills Anthony Cooper. (Ep: 3x18, D.O.C.)
Argument 2 - Sawyer's a Good Guy My take is that Sawyer doesn't believe he's worthy of love and respect. His life turned upside down when a man conned his mother out of their money and when his father found out, he killed Sawyer's mother and then himself.

Sawyer's life then became about revenge and he ended up becoming the man that he despised, conning people out of their money. Sawyer is a good person, but does things in order to get people to hate him because he feels he's not worthy.

After living in the Dharma Initiative for 3 years, Sawyer seems to have grown up a lot and gotten past some of his issues.

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