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'Lost': The Board Game

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Lost: The Board Game

'Lost': The Board Game

The Bottom Line

Steep learning curve, but worth the time and energy to learn how to play. Lost: The Board Game does not require knowledge of the show, but does require a high degree of strategy.
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  • A game based on 'Lost' - 'nough said.


  • Complicated!
  • At times there are not enough plastic holders for all the characters on the board.
  • Awkward to move around playing area.


  • Location tiles such as Fuselage, Tall Trees, and Cemetery, make up the playing area.
  • Character cards include seasons one and two main characters with a photograph.
  • Fate cards have to do with the characters or challenges they've faced on the island.
  • Goal (beginners game): To lead or neutralize all of the other characters on the island.

Guide Review - 'Lost': The Board Game

Okay, so my friend, Angela, came over and we began with the beginners game (and never progressed to advanced). We read the directions, set up the pieces, and waded through game play. Our overall impression was that this game will be really fun, once we figure it out. This is definitely a game of rules and strategy, which I love, but because of that, there is a steep learning curve.

Luckily, on the official Lost: The Board Game Web site, there are many features to help with the game, including downloads and a beginner's walk through. There are FAQs and rules and places to ask questions. There is even a message board.

The game comes in a really nice tin with a picture of the characters on it. I found the pieces of the game to be a bit cumbersome. You are supposed to move one or more characters to a hexagon shaped playing piece, and if it's not turned over, pick up all the characters and turn it over. Instead, we would turn over the piece, and then move our characters, but even this was difficult sometimes with middle pieces.

Also, I think the more people who play (for 2 to 8 players), the more fun it will be. Two players just didn't feel like enough and made it harder to strategize. I think playing in a group of eight would be a blast!

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