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Top 10 Gifts for the 'Lost' Fan


If you have a Lost fan on your shopping list, you're in luck. There are so many great items of all different prices to choose from. And if you are the Lost fan, well see what you can buy for yourself (or slip this list under the nose of someone who needs a little hint).

1. Messages From the Island

Messages From the Island
Titan Books
This companion features the best articles from Lost: The Official Magazine from the first two seasons of the show. Any Lost fan will love this, but it would be especially great for a die-hard fan as a collectors item.

2. 'Lost' Season DVDs and Blu-ray

Lost is one of the few shows where fans enjoy, and need to watch, episodes over and over to extract clues. The DVDs also include bonus features, interviews with cast and creators, behind the scenes footage, and fun interactive features. If just buying one season, I would suggest season 1, but am positive that after viewing the season 1 DVDs, Lost fans will want all of the seasons.

Compare Prices:
The Complete Collection
Season 1 DVD
Season 2 DVD
Season 3 DVD
Season 4 DVD
Season 5 DVD
Season 6 DVD

3. 'Lost' Video Game - 'Lost' Via Domus

A Lost fan who also likes gaming would love this video game. As a passenger of Oceanic flight 815, you survived the crash and find yourself on an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. As you begin to unravel mysteries of the island, you begin to discover secrets of your own. You will have to understand your past mistakes in order to survive and find your way home.
Compare Prices

4. Action Figures

Lost fans love owning a piece of the show and these action figures look great on desks and in curio cabinets. You can buy together in sets of 6 or buy each one separately. They each come with sound and a prop.

5. 'Lost Ate My Life' Book

Usually I don't recommend Lost books as gifts because they go out of date so fast. However this book is less about the show and more about the fandom. While this book will be most popular during the years that Lost is on the air, it will remain a piece of history as the book that explores the fans behind one of the greatest television shows of all time.

6. Others' Side T-Shirt

I love this T-shirt!
Why did the smoke monster cross the island?
To get to the others' side.

If you are not a Lost fan, then you'll just have to trust me, it's very funny.

7. Original Television Soundtracks

One of the elements that makes Lost so great is the music. Composer Michael Giacchino is a master at putting together music to move us as we watch Lost. He even used parts of the plane wreckage to make the music. And while the music is dramatic, the titles serve as inside jokes to devoted fans. Titles such as: World's Worst Beach Party, Charlie Hangs Around, and Locked Out Again.

8. Squirt Shirts

These shirts for infants and toddlers make me want to have another baby! They are all so cute and creative. These Lost-themed shirts go up to size 4T, and there are also onesies and bibs available.

9. 'Lost': The Board Game

Lost: The Board Game is an awesome gift for any Lost fan who enjoys playing games. The game would be enjoyable for non-Lost fans as well. During the game, you unlock some of the secrets of the mysterious island. It's a strategy board game that combines trivia and cunning, and is best for ages 10 and up.

10. Jigsaw Puzzles

I would recommend these puzzles only for the Lost fan who really enjoys jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles are quite challenging, but once put together can reveal clues to the show.
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