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'Lost' Magazine Messages From the Island

The Best of 'Lost': The Official Magazine

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Messages From the Island Page

Inside Messages From the Island

Titan Books
If you haven't subscribed to Lost the Magazine, or you weren't subscribed during the first two seasons, now is your chance to get the best of what was in the magazine. Messages From the Island includes what Paul Terry, editor of the magazine, believes is the best from Lost season's 1 and 2.

Messages From the Island - Why You Need It

The best part of the magazine and this companion are the pictures. There are so many full-color photos from scenes of Lost as well as behind-the-scenes. There are also beautiful photos of sets and set drawings.

The companion is full of interviews with the show's stars, writers, and crew, that give enlightening insight into what goes into making the show. It's amazing the amount of work that it takes to make the show and the interviews are engrossing and entertaining.

Find out what the stars are embarrassed by, what has surprised them, and what they think of their work on Lost.

This is a great collectors item for any Lost fan and a fun read for anyone who missed the first two years of the magazine.

Messages From the Island - What's In It

Messages From the Island

Messages From the Island Cover

Titan Books
  • 176 pages taken from Lost the Magazine
  • Exclusively written intro from co-executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse
  • Detailed interviews with all the show's stars
  • Original concept art and storyboards
  • Engrossing commentary on the making of key episodes
  • Scores of stunning photos direct from the set
  • Extensive interviews with the show's creators, producers, and many crew members

Messages From the Island - Bottom Line

Any Lost fan would find this a fun and interesting read, but for die-hard fans of the show, this is a must-have collectors item.
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