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'Lost' Answer - Who Jammed the Signal in The Looking Glass

Our Theoretical 'Lost' Answer


Charlie in The Looking Glass

Charlie in The Looking Glass

ABC/Mario Perez
Before his emotional death, Charlie typed out "Good Vibrations" in the key pad in The Looking Glass station to stop the jamming signal so that Naomi's phone could reach the freighter (Ep: 3x22, Through the Looking Glass). Who programmed the jamming signal?
  • ?€œGood Vibrations?€? was programmed into the Looking Glass security system (the signal jam) by none other than Hurley himself. During the extended jump back to 1977, Hurley was taken to the Looking Glass and asked to permanently jam the signal by doing actual hard wire damage (sabotage). Instead, knowing that there would later be a need for a radio transmission (in order for the Losties to get off the island), he programmed ?€œGood Vibrations?€? into the system. This was better than permanently disabling the signal and he knew, of course, that Charlie ?€“ a ?€œmusically oriented?€? person ?€“ would be down in the Looking Glass with Desmond later in the future.
  • "Good Vibrations" was released in 10-10-66, written and produced mainly by Bryan Wilson of the Beach Boys. Bryan has said that he got the idea of ?€œvibrations?€? from his mother who told him that dogs could read people's vibrations. Well that is not all exactly true, it is just a cover story from what really happened.

    In 1965 when the Beach Boys were rolling in dough, Bryan was approached by a group of investors seeking additional funding. They told him of this special place where experiments were being conducted that could save the world and also make him a boatload of cash. Being cautious, he insisted on visiting this place to see how his money was to be spent and also to see first hand the marvels of this mystic place. When Bryan arrived on the island, Dharma was in the midst of many massive construction projects and Bryan was initiated into the fantastic properties of the island. He was also trying to best the Beatles most current album ?€œRevolver?€? while he was there and he had participated in several time travel experiments which enabled him to learn of more futuristic recording techniques.

    After several months on the island before he was to return to the states he was granted permission to meet with Jacob, who took him to the light cave. It was there in the full beauty of the light that he felt the ?€œGood Vibrations?€? that led him to write the song. He recorded some of it there on the island and a portion of that was later used in Looking Glass Station.

    After he returned to the states and recorded the song, he began work on what was to be his masterpiece ?€œSmile?€?, but before he could finish it, he drifted off into depression, drugs and paranoia. His collapse into the darkness was really due to the time travel experiments and the absence of the most beautiful thing he had ever seen ?€“ the light cave.

  • Maybe it was that doctor who was at The Looking Glass station for a few days when the DI needed him to fix Ben. Don't rule out him just being a doctor, but I am assuming it was someone in the DI since they built all those stations.
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