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'Lost' Answer - How Lapidus Knew the Coordinates

Our Theoretical 'Lost' Answer


The question is: In the final episode, The End, how did Lapidus know the coordinates to get off the island if the island moved since Faraday originally figured out the coordinates?
  • The electromagnetic qualities of the island were not in effect when it was uncorked. Therefore they didn?€™t need coordinates because just for a moment the island wasn?€™t special anymore. It was just an island.
  • The special coordinates were somehow linked to Jacob and maybe even Smokey too. Jacob was clearly trying to hide (protect) the island and some might argue that Smokey was too. In either case, when Jacob (and maybe Smokey) died, the hold on the special coordinates no longer existed; thus, Lapidus was free to fly straight out.
  • It was indicated that Lapidus had a role to play regarding the island: He was supposed to fly the Oceanic plane that crashed there and the smoke monster killed the substitute pilot. He ended up piloting the Ajira flight that brought the people back to the island and was able to land the plane well enough so that it could take off again. He just had a special quality that enabled him to come and go from the island when others could not.
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