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'Lost' Answer - The Other Flash-Sideways Storylines

Our Theoretical 'Lost' Answer


The point of the flash-sideways was for the characters to reunite and move on together. So what was the point of the secondary flash-sideways storylines (i.e. Keamy kidnapping Jin, Jack finding Anthony Cooper, etc.)?
  • Those secondary storylines were necessary to bring the characters where they needed to be mentally in order to meet at the church and move on together. Jack needed to learn to forgive his father. Claire needed to decide to keep her baby. Sayid needed to understand that Nadia was not the one for him. The alternative storylines helped the characters discover things that they didn’t realize the first time around.
  • It's just what happened. We were seeing their post-death consciousness acting out on a grand scale. They were not working through any issues, just continuing the story.
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