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'Lost' Answer - Why the Desmond was the Uniting Force

Our Theoretical 'Lost' Answer


Kate and Desmond in the flash-sideways

Kate and Desmond in the flash-sideways

ABC/Mario Perez
The question is: How did Desmond become the uniting force behind getting the survivors together in the flash-sideways?
  • It was just circumstance. He was the one who remembered the island and he figured out how to get others to remember as well. He took it on as his mission, and it was more by choice than by design. Desmond just happened to be one of the first to remember things.
  • Desmond became special when he and Locke didn’t push the button and there was the white flash. Since then, his consciousness has been able to travel through time. When he was bombarded with radioactivity by Widmore, his consciousness traveled to the afterlife, which is probably another layer of reality. That’s how he was made aware of the flash-sideways.
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