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"D.O.C." Recap

Part 3


Sun's Flashback - The Fishing Village

Sun, looking very out of place in her fancy clothes, walks down a pier. She looks at a file, which includes a picture of Mr. Kwon, then at the man in the boat. "Excuse me," she says, "are you Mr. Kwon?"

He looks so happy to see her. "Yes. You must be Sun."

She seems happy that he knows of her. They go to his house and he gives her tea.

"Please," he says, "tell me about your wedding."

"It was beautiful. The happiest day of my life."

"And my son's too, I imagine."

"Mr. Kwon, why weren't you at the wedding?"

"What did he tell you?"

Sun looks down. "He told me you were dead."

Mr. Kwon looks sad.

"Why would he say that?" Sun asks.

"To avoid the shame of where he came from."

"And is that why you told him his mother died when he was a baby?"

"His mother, she was with many men. She left me with the baby. I raised him alone. I wasn't even sure I was the father. But who else would take care of him?" He wipes his hand on his shirt and then touches her chin. "You are so beautiful. It pleases me so much to meet you. You can never tell him that you met me or that his mother is still alive. Please! For me, do not. Do not make him suffer this shame."
Sun nods.

Juliet Takes Sun

At night, Juliet walks through the camp. She goes to Sun's shelter and puts her hand over Sun's mouth. Sun wakes and tries to scream.

"Be quiet," Juliet says. "Don't move. You want me to help you and your baby? I have answers to your questions, but you have to come with me right now. Just you and me, nobody else." She removes her hand from Sun's mouth.

"If what you said was true, that means I'm already dead. Why should I go anywhere with you?"

"Because there may be hope for you yet." She stands and holds her hand out to help Sun up.

With torches, they walk through the dark jungle. "Where are we going?" Sun asks.

"There's a medical station near here. They have an ultrasound machine."

"Claire and Kate told me about that place. It was abandoned. They found nothing there."

"That's because they didn't know where to look."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to look at your baby and determine the D.O.C. Date of conception. The ultrasound will tell me when you got pregnant, give or take a day. If you got pregnant off the island, then you and your baby will probably be okay. But if you got pregnant here, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. When was the last time you and your husband had sex?"

"I would rather not talk about that."

"Look, I know that it's personal, but if I know when--"

"Isn't that what the machine will do?"


"Then let's keep walking."

Sun's Flashback - Money

Sun looks up a flight of stairs in a professional building. She takes a deep breath and goes up.

Her father is in a meeting with three men and a woman announces to Mr. Paik that his daughter is here to see him.

One of the men congratulates her on her wedding. The men leave and her father asks why she is there.

She says she needs a favor and he smiles and asks what.

With difficulty, she asks for one hundred thousand dollars. His smile fades. He wants to know for what and she says she can't tell him.

"Why should I give you money without an explanation?"

She looks around. "Because my whole life I've pretended not to know what you do. I've allowed you to keep your control over me, pretend that everything is all right. I will continue pretending as long as you give me the money I am asking for, no questions asked."
"We do not live in a world where there are no questions asked!" He stands.

"I'm doing this to spare someone I love deep shame."

"Your new husband?"

He gives her the money.

"If the money is for your husband, it is he who will bear this debt. He will no longer be a floor manager. He will be working for me," Mr. Paik says.

The Phone

They hold torches so Mikhail can see and he says, "How much do you know about this woman? Did she have anything on her?"

"Just a flare gun and a book," Hurley says. "And a fancy radio phone thingy."

Charlie shakes his head.

"Does it work?" Mikhail asks.

"Like I'd tell you," Hurley says.

"One of you must help me," Mikhail says. "The rest clear the way. I need space."

"I'll do it," Desmond says.

Parachute girl looks terrified and Mikhail says to hold her steady. He stabs her with a syringe and blood pours out. Then he pulls the branch out and she screams.

Desmond helps bandage her up and she says something. Desmond wants to know what she said and Mikhail says that she said thank you for helping her.

The Secret Room

Sun and Juliet reach the medical station and go inside. Juliet turns on the lights.

"Why are you doing this?" Sun asks. She wants to know why Juliet is helping her.

"Once upon a time," Juliet says, "I told women they were pregnant. And their faces, it was the best news that they ever got in their entire life. Then I came here. I've lost nine patients in the last three years. I'm helping you because I want to tell you that you and your husband got pregnant before you came here. I'm helping you because I want to give good news again."

"I slept with another man," Sun says.

Juliet says, "Oh."

"Before we got to the island. Jin and I, we were having trouble. We weren't...And I had a friend. It was a mistake."

"We all make mistakes."

"Which way?"

Sun follows Juliet into a room where Juliet opens a locker and pulls a lever. A wall opens up. She asks Sun to help her move some lockers and then she pushes the door open and turns on the lights.

Sun looks inside. There is a sink and a bunch of supplies.

"Why is this room hidden?" Sun wants to know.

"Don't worry about it."

"Why is this place hidden? Tell me!"

"It's where we brought the women to die."
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