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Kate Austen's Flashbacks Part 5

A Look at Kate's Pre-Crash Life


Lost episode 1x12, Whatever the Case May Be

Kate is captured by her bank robber boyfriend

©ABC/Mario Perez
Note: Kate Austen's flashbacks are presented here in the order they happened in her life, as opposed to the order in which they were shown on the show. To read the flashbacks in the order they were presented to Lost viewers, see Kate's profile for links to episodes containing her flashbacks.

Kate and Tom 1989

Episode 1x22, Born to Run - Flashback Scene 4
Kate pulls a metal box out of the ground. They open the box and pull out a bunch of stuff including a toy plane. "I can't believe I let you talk me into putting this in there," Tom says, holding the plane.

"That was your idea," she says and picks up a tape. "Kate and Tom, 1989."

They sit in the car and listen to themselves as kids. Young Tom says he wants to put the plane in. They talk about how cool it is to do a time capsule. Tom wants to dig it up in 20 years and Kate asks how he knows they'll still be together.

"Because we'll be married and you'll be a mom and we'll have nine kids," young Tom says.

"I don't think so," she says. "As soon as I get my license we should just get in a car and drive. You know, run away."

Young Tom says, "You always want to run away, Katie."

"Yeah, and you know why," young Kate says.

They take the tape out and Tom says, "Funny how things turn out, huh?" They kiss and then apologize for kissing.


Episode 1x22, Born to Run - Flashback Scene 5
Tom wheels Diane into the MRI room and Kate steps out of hiding. He says he'll be right in the office next door.

Kate gets close to Diane and says, "Hi, Mom."

Diane's eyes flutter open and she says, "Katherine?"

Kate says, "It's me, Katherine. I'm so sorry for everything I have put you through."

Diane's eyes get big and she looks terrified of Kate. She screams for help.

Kate runs out and runs into a security guard. He asks what's going on and she says that her mother is confused and she's running to get a doctor. He grabs her arm and talks into his walkie-talkie, "We've got a situation-"

Kate grabs his walkie-talkie and hits him with it, knocking him out. Tom comes in and asks what happened.

"I need your car keys," Kate says. She takes them and runs, with Tom right behind her. They get into his car, and Kate pulls out of the space. A police car blocks the exit and she tells Tom to get out.

"I'm not letting you do this," Tom says. "Katie, if you cooperate they go easy-" She says that they are calling for backup and he needs to get out. "You can have a real life," he says.

She begs him to get out, but he doesn't. Kate guns the engine and the officer gets several shots off before his car is rammed out of the way and Kate drives past him. They are about to get away, but another car slams into them, disabling Tom's car.

She looks over at Tom, but he is dead, shot in the chest. A siren approaches. Kate glances to the back seat where the time capsule treasures are spilled, then jumps out and runs.

Miss Ryan

Episdoe 1x12, Whatever the Case May Be - Flashback Scene 1
Kate is in a bank in New Mexico for a loan application. The man on the other side of the desk calls her "Miss Ryan". Kate tells him that she is a photographer commissioned to do a coffee table book on old movie theatres in small towns.

The man suggests one in Ruidoso and she promises to acknowledge him in her book if she uses his lead. Suddenly the bank is overrun by three robbers. One of them tells the bank manager to open the money cage before people start getting killed.

Kate's Boyfriend

Episdoe 1x12, Whatever the Case May Be - Flashback Scene 2
The bank manager refuses to give the robbers the key to the money cage. One of the customers jumps one of the robbers, and his gun flies across the floor, stopping in front of Kate. The customer tells Kate to pick it up and start shooting and she says that she doesn't know how to use a gun. The customer starts listing instructions when the lead robber grabs Kate by the neck and pulls into the other room.

Once there, he takes off his mask. "I don't know how to use a gun?" he says, and they both laugh, then embrace with a passionate kiss.


Episdoe 1x12, Whatever the Case May Be - Flashback Scene 3
Kate's bank robber boyfriend calls her Maggie and roughs her up to make it look good, then drags her back out among the others. He threatens to shoot her if the bank manager doesn't open the vault, and the manager finally agrees and opens it.

The Envelope

Episdoe 1x12, Whatever the Case May Be - Flashback Scene 4
The manager opens the box and then asks that they let the girl go. The boyfriend takes off his mask and says that "Maggie" was the mastermind behind the plan. She picked the bank, she picked the vault. The manager looks hurt.

The boyfriend points the gun at the manager and Kate says that no one was supposed to get hurt. She swipes a gun from one of the other robbers and points it at the boyfriend. He doesn't believe she'll do it, so she shoots him in the leg. She then grabs his gun and shoots the other two bank robbers.

She demands that the manager let her into the safety deposit room and open box number 815. She has one key and needs his other key. Inside the box she pulls out a small green envelope.


Episode 1x3, Tabula Rasa - Flashback Scene 1
A farmer holds a shotgun pointed at Kate and asks what she's doing sleeping in his barn. They speak for awhile and realize they can help each other. He needs some help on the farm, and she needs a job with room and board. She tells the farmer that her name is Annie.

Kate Austen's Flashbacks Continued

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