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Richard Alpert's Flashbacks Stories

'Lost' Season 6


Richard Alpert's Flashbacks Stories

Man in Black and Richard on the Black Rock

ABC/Mario Perez
  • Episode 6x9, Ab Aeterno
    Richard lives on the Canary Islands in 1867. His wife, Isabella, is sick and he rides his horse through a storm to get a doctor. It's a half day's journey, so the doctor won't go back with him through the storm. He will give Richard some medicine that he claims will help her, but it's expensive. Richard doesn't have enough money, so he gives the man Isabella's necklace. The man says the necklace is worthless and throws it on the ground.

    There is a skirmish and Richard accidentally pushes the doctor down. The doctor's head strikes the edge of the table and he dies. Richard rides home, but his wife is already dead. Men come and take him away to jail.

    In the jail, a priest comes and realizes that Richard is reading an English bible. He asks if Richard knows how to speak English and Richard says yes, that he and his wife were planning on going to the New World.

    The priest takes Richard's confession, but won't absolve him of his sins and says that he will be hanged the next day.

    The next day, the priest has two men get Richard. They blindfold him and take him to Jonas Whitfield who looks him over and then takes the blindfold off. He asks if Richard speaks English and Richard looks at him blankly. They start to take Richard away to be hanged, but he says he speaks English.

    Jonas Whitfield gives the priest money and says that Richard is now the property of Magnus Hanso.

    Richard is chained to the wall of the Black Rock with other slaves and they crash on the island. The smoke monster kills everyone but Richard and comes in and studies Richard. Richard is unable to get out of the chains.

    Isabella comes to him and says that they are both dead and they are in Hell. It seems that the smoke monster kills her, too.

    The Man in Black comes into the Black Rock and confirms to Richard that they are in Hell. He says he will help Richard if Richard helps him. He removes the chains and says, "It's great to see you out of those chains."

    Man in Black tells Richard that Jacob is the devil and he has to kill him in order to see his wife again. He tells him how to get to the foot statue and gives him a knife to stab Jacob. He says to stab him in the chest before he even has a chance to speak.

    Jacob punches Richard several times before he even has a chance to see Jacob. Jacob asks if a man dressed in black sent him and Richard says yes. Jacob proves to Richard that he is not dead by dunking him in the ocean several times.

    Jacob explains the darkness is like the wine in a bottle. It swirls around, but it can't escape. The island is like the cork keeping the wine inside. Man in Black believes that everyone is corrupt because it is in their nature to sin. Jacob keeps bringing people to the island to prove him wrong, but they all die. Richard points out that Jacob needs to help them or else Man in Black will. Jacob doesn't want to help them, he wants them to help themselves. He asks Richard if he wants to help them on Jacob's behalf. Richard asks what he will get in return. Jacob can't give him his wife or absolution for his sins, but he can make him live forever.

    Richard goes back to Man in Black. Man in Black points out that if Richard goes with Jacob, he will never see his wife again. Richard gives Man in Black a white rock and says it's a gift from Jacob.

    Man in Black gives Richard Isabella's necklace, saying he found it on the ship. He says that if Richard ever changes his mind, the offer still stands.

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