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'What Kate Does' Guide - Season 6, Episode 3


Kate in Lost episode 6x3, What Kate Does


ABC/Mario Perez
Pre-Airing - What Kate Does
Original Airdate: 2/9/10
Written by: Eddy Kitsis &, Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Episode Flash-Sideways Characters: Kate and Claire

Kate on the run!

What Kate Does Photo Gallery
Photos of the Temple and the flash-sideways.

What Kate Does Cast Soundbites
Soundbites from Terry O'Quinn, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Evangeline Lilly, Daniel Dae Kim, Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, and Matthew Fox

Post-Airing - What Kate Does
Jack and Sayid at the Temple, Kate and Sawyer at the dock, and Kate and Claire in the flash-sideways.

What Kate Does Full Recap
Running, Bullet wound healed, Kate loses the cuffs, The test, Claire's stuff, Kate's escape, Infection, The pill, Then what?, The baby's family, Sawyer cries, Aaron, Alone, Dogen, Joan Hart, Sad Sawyer, Darkness, Jin Captured

What Kate Does Audio Recap
Listen from the site or download to your computer or mp3 player.

Understanding What Kate Does

Secondary Characters Introduced
Aldo seen again

What Kate Does Clues, Theories, and More
Clues and Questions
Theories and Observations

What Kate Does Quotable Quotes
Look for these quotes in What Kate Does Full Recap to see where and when they happened.

  • Sawyer to Kate about Sayid: "He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids, he definitely deserves another go around."
  • Aldo to Kate: "You've been on this island awhile, right? Ever seen a pillar of black smoke that makes a ticka-ticka sound, looks pissed off?"
  • Sawyer to Kate: "I think some of us are meant to be alone."
  • Dogen: "I was brought here like everyone else."
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