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Desmond Hume's Profile


Desmond watches the Orientation film in Lost episode 2x23

Desmond watches the Orientation film

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Desmond Hume Played by: Henry Ian Cusick

Reason on the Island: Desmond was racing around the world on a sailboat, but he hit bad weather, bumped his head, and washed up on the island.

Profession: At one point he studied to become a monk. He later became a member of Royal Scots Regiment of the British Army, but was dishonorably discharged for not following orders.

Desmond Facts:

Pre-Crash: Desmond raised three brothers after something happened to his father. He was in a relationship with Ruth for six years, before joining a monastery one week before their wedding. He was fired from the monastery after getting drunk.

Later, he was dishonorably discharged from Royal Scots Regiment of the British Army for refusing to follow orders. When he was released, Charles Widmore was there to tell Desmond to stay away from Charles' daughter, Penny.

Desmond entered a boat race around the world sponsored by Charles Widmore, but ran into bad weather and hit his head. He washed up on the shore of the island and was taken to the Swan Station by Kelvin.

Kelvin taught Desmond how to enter the numbers into the computer, but was later killed accidentally by Desmond.

Desmond believes Flight 815 crashed because he had failed to enter the numbers into the computer on time.

After the hatch imploded, Desmond believes that he went back in time to live part of his life over. He wanted to ask Penny to marry him, but instead broke her heart.

Island: Desmond took Locke hostage when he first entered the hatch. He told Locke how to enter the numbers and where the Orientation film was kept. While Desmond held Locke and Jack at gun point, Kate snuck up behind him and hit him. As he went down, his gun fired and hit the computer. Desmond scrambled to fix it, but couldn't, so he ran away.

Desmond returned when he realized his sailboat would not take him away from the island. He helped Locke create a fake lockdown in order to keep Eko from pressing the button.

After the timer reached zero, Desmond went below the hatch and turned a failsafe key. Later, we saw him in the jungle and he was naked and since then, it seems he sees flashes of the future. Desmond saw and saved Charlie from death numerous times before Charlie finally sacrificed himself.

Desmond went to the freighter with Sayid and left on the helicopter. He made it to Penny's boat and stayed with Penny.

Back on the Island: Sayid sees a heavily drugged Desmond taken from the sub by Zoe and Seamus. Charles tells Desmond that the island isn't done with him yet and they put him in an electromagnetic room and Desmond survives and then says he'll cooperate with Widmore. Jack and Desmond figure out that there is a cork in the island that needs to be pulled out, and Desmond is the only one who can do it. Desmond does it, but is really weak. Jack has Hurley bring Desmond up and Jack replaces the cork. Hurley, the new leader, makes sure that Desmond gets off the island.

Flash-Sideways: Charlie causes Desmond to drive into the water and while Desmond is trying to get Charlie out, he sees visions of the island. He meets Penny and then saves the other survivors by giving them each a traumatic event to help them remember the island.

Strong Relationships: Penny and Sayid

Rocky Relationships: Desmond and Jack have had a lot of ups and downs.

Flashback Episodes:

Desmond Hume's Story:

Sawyer's Nicknames for Desmond:

Desmond's Nicknames

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