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Minor 'Lost' Characters

The Different 'Lost' Character Groups


Between flashbacks, flash forwards, and people on the island, there are a lot of minor Lost characters to keep track of.

Crash Survivors

Minor Lost Characters - Crash Survivors
ABC/Mario Perez
The people in this group survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 along with our Losties on September 22, 2004.

Crash Casualties

Minor Lost Characters - Crash Casualties
Hyperion Books
These are the people who were on Oceanic Flight 815, but either didn't survive the crash, or died shortly after. Included in this group is Gary Troup, the fictional author of Bad Twin.

Flashback Characters

Minor Lost Characters - Flashback Characters
ABC/Mario Perez
We've met a lot of minor Lost characters through our main characters' flashbacks. This is how we got to know the Losties better and we also realized that their lives were intertwined before coming to the island.

Flash Forward Characters

Minor Lost Characters - Flash Forward Characters
ABC/Mario Perez
These characters were seen after the Oceanic 6 were off the island. Again, the lives of our characters are very intertwined, even though they don't mean for them to be.

Flash-Sideways Characters

Jack with his flash-sideways son David in 'Lost' episode 6x5, 'Lighthouse'
ABC/Mario Perez
These characters are seen off the island in the flash-sideways. Many of these characters we've seen before in flashbacks or flash forwards.

The Others

Minor Lost Characters - The Others
ABC/Mario Perez
The Others are probably the scariest group as a whole. They've terrorized our Losties from the beginning, with Ethan and Goodwin living among the survivors, not to mention the time Mr. Friendly stole Walt off the raft (Ep: 1x24, Exodus Part 2).

Dharma Affiliates

Minor Lost Characters - Dharma Affiliates
ABC/Mario Perez
We really got to know a lot about Dharma and the people that lived there during season 5 when some of our Losties lived among them.

Non-Others on the Island

Minor Lost Characters - Non-Others on the Island
ABC/Mario Perez
I can't promise that an Other or two didn't sneak onto this list. You never know about those sneaky Others. These are the people that as-far-as-we-know aren't Others, but were on the island at some point.

The Freighter Group

Minor Lost Character - Freighter People
ABC/Mario Perez
There was a group of people that came close to the island on the freighter. Some never left the freighter, and some came to the island. Some were nice, and some were evil.

Ajira Passengers

Minor Lost Character - Ajira People
ABC/Mario Perez
In 2007, Ajira Flight 316 crashed on the island. Most of the Oceanic 6 were on board, as well as other people.
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