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Season Two Finale Talk with Damon and Carlton

Answers and More Questions


Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are the main writers and producers of Lost. After each new episode, they do podcasts, which can be found on ABC's Lost Website. After the season two finale, which aired in the US and Canada on May 24, 2006, they gave insight into the season and answered fan questions.

How did the finale episode come together?

While they had in mind what was going to happen in the finale, Damon and Carlton, along with a group of writers, wrote the actual finale script at the end of April, less than five weeks before the finale aired. They used two crews to shoot all the scenes in seventeen days. It took over 300 people and three and a half weeks to get the episode ready once the script was complete. Neither Damon nor Carlton has ever worked on a project with so little time between the start and finish.

Which scene was the Challah?

Each year, there is one top-secret scene that very few need-to-know people know about. Damon and Carlton give this scene a code name. Last year's top-secret scene was called The Bagel and was Walt's abduction. This year's code name was The Challah. The Challah had two parts. The first part was the men in the snow shed speaking Portuguese. The second part was Penny Widmore picking up the phone (which was shot only five days before the finale went on the air).

So the questions to ask yourself are: Is Penny looking for the island and, if so, how long has she been searching?

Desmond triggered the visibility of the island by the sound vibration that was let off after he turned the key in the security system. The snow guys were worried they were going to miss it again, which means the island has been visible before. Was it possibly briefly visible on September 22, 2004, the day the plane crashed?

Did Matthew Fox play one of the snow guys at the end?

No, that was not Matthew Fox.

Kelvin or Joe Inman?

Mr. Inman (played by Clancy Brown), who was in Sayid's flashback when Sayid first became a torturer (Ep: 2x14, One of Them), was also in the finale as Kelvin. In the flashback episode, we never heard Mr. Inman's first name. However, they needed a name for the script, and since the characters' names are published along with who plays the character, they had to give him a fake name. So they named him Joe because, obviously, if fans would have seen "Kelvin Inman" listed, it would have been a spoiler. So Mr. Inman's first name is Kelvin. It was never Joe on the show, just in the script.

Why a Four-Toed statue?

The Dharma Initiative was on the island before our Losties, but they have not been there forever. According to the Orientation film, the Dharma Initiative started during the late 70s. So who was on the island before Dharma? What history does this island hold, and why would they build a giant statue? Where is the rest of the statue?

What happened to the monster?

There's a good chance you saw the monster this year, but just didn't know what you were looking at. By the end of next year you will know what that means.

Why didn't Hurley attack Michael after finding out he murdered Libby?

This scene was meant to be much longer, but time was running short, so they had to cut a full page of script. Originally, Sawyer was also going to want to go back, thinking it stupid to help Michael after what he did. Damon and Carlton wish they would have handled the feelings of the actors differently, but they just ran out of time.

What is the schedule for next year?

Damon and Carlton have been hoping to abolish reruns, wanting Lost to air in solid blocks. So what will happen is that the premiere will air at the end of September, with new episodes for six weeks. The sixth episode will be a mini cliffhanger. Then there will be twelve weeks off with no new episodes and Lost will return in February with seventeen straight weeks of new episodes.

What will season three be about?

The first six episodes will focus on why the Others chose Kate, Jack, and Sawyer. Non-Henry said they were going home with the Others, and right away we will find out what he means by home.

Also, the season will focus a lot on the main characters, and get deeper into their relationships with each other, especially on a romantic level.

Some burning questions will be answered, such as why Locke was in a wheelchair and why Jack has his tattoos.

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