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Clues About the Mysterious Island of 'Lost'

Every clue counts! These clues shed some light on a few things and add questions about others.
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Cave Wall and Lighthouse Names and Numbers
There were a lot of names and numbers written on the cave walls and lighthouse dial.

'Lost' Flash-Sideways Character Connections
A list of how the characters are connected through other people in the flash-sideways.

Time Travel
Could time travel be involved in 'Lost'?

More Backwards Talk on 'Lost'
Another instance of backward talk on 'Lost'.

Room 23 Backward Talk Message
'Lost' Easter Eggs blog has a recording of the backward talk.

Bad Twin Synopsis and 'Lost' References
Bad Twin synopsis with notes about 'Lost' references.

Interconnection Clues
The lives of many of the 'Lost' survivors were connected to each other, either directly or indirectly, before the crash. Read about the connections we know so far.

"?" Eko's Dream Sequence
In Eko's dream, 23 clips clicked by rather quickly. This is a list of what they were.

Clues Gathered from the Hatch
Now that the hatch has been opened on 'Lost', many clues and theories have circulated. Keep up to date on the latest clues from the hatch.

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