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Claire Littleton's Profile


Claire Littleton from Lost episode 2x23

Claire Littleton with baby Aaron

©ABC/Mario Perez

Claire Littleton Played by: Emilie de Ravin

Reason for the Flight: Heading to L.A. to meet a couple to adopt her soon-to-be-born baby

Profession: She worked at a tattoo and piercing shop and later at The Fish 'N' Fry.

Claire Facts:

Pre-Crash: In her late teens, Claire was driving her mother somewhere and they were in an accident. Her mother was on life support for several months, coming out of her coma after Claire crashed on the island.

Claire's biological father, whom she believed dead, paid for her mother's hospital bills and told Claire he was her father.

Claire never got his name, so she doesn't know that he is Christian Shephard, father of Jack Shephard.

Claire got pregnant and planned to give the baby up for adoption after the baby's father left her. At the beginning of her pregnancy, she saw a psychic who wouldn't do her reading, but she later convinced him. He told her that she had to raise the baby herself because danger surrounded the baby.

Claire went to an adoption agency, but after two pens ran out of ink and she wasn't able to sign the documents, she changed her mind.

The psychic convinced her to give her baby to a couple in L.A. and that she must take Flight 815, which left the next day.

Island: Claire was abducted by Ethan and disappeared. When she returned, she couldn't remember anything that had happened to her since the crash.

She gave birth to a baby boy, who was taken by Danielle Rousseau, but Charlie and Sayid got him back and she named him Aaron.

Claire began to get her memory back and remembered a medical hatch where they'd kept her. She also remembered that Rousseau had helped her to escape.

Claire came up with a plan to get rescued. She tied a message to a tag on a bird's foot hoping that a scientist would find the note and help them to get rescued.

When Claire gets sick, Juliet gives her an injection and she recovers.

When the groups split, Claire goes with Locke's group to the Barracks and is in an explosion when Keamy's men blow up the house she is taking a nap in.

Sawyer, Miles, and Claire decide to go back to the beach camp, but in the middle of the night, Claire sees Christian and goes with him. Sawyer can't find her, but finds Aaron in the jungle.

When Locke goes to talk to Jacob, an out-of-it Claire sits inside with Christian. After the Oceanic 6 return to the present, they find Claire, who had been living out in the wild with Man in Locke. Kate convinces her to come with them on the Ajira flight off the island.

Flash-Sideways: Before Claire can leave the airport in her taxi, Kate jumps in and holds a gun to the driver's head. She and Kate become friends and Kate helps Claire deliver Aaron, before they all go to the church.

Strong Relationships: Her son, Aaron. She is also close to Locke and Kate. Sun often watches the baby for her, and she is close to Jin as well.

Rocky Relationships: She and Charlie have had some ups and downs. They became friends quickly, but Charlie became overbearing with her and Aaron. She didn't want anything to do with him after she found out he was a drug addict and was hiding heroin. They reconciled again after the hatch implosion.

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