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Former Main Characters of 'Lost'


Whether they died in heroic bravery or met the smoke monster when he was in a bad mood, here is a list of characters who used to be main characters on Lost.

Ana-Lucia Cortez

Lost Former Main Characters - Ana-Lucia Cortez
ABC/Mario Perez
Michelle Rodriguez as Ana-Lucia Cortez

Ana-Lucia was in the tail section of the plane when it crashed and she became the leader of the "Tailies." She killed Goodwin after she figured out that he hadn't been on the plane and had been lying to them.

Ana-Lucia died when Michael shot her before he let Ben out of the hatch.

Boone Carlyle

Lost Former Main Characters - Boone Carlyle
ABC/Mario Perez
Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle

Boone was traveling with his stepsister, Shannon, when the plane crashed. He'd gone to Australia to rescue her, but it was only a ploy for her to get money from him.

On the island, Boone and Locke found a hatch, which they dug out. Following Locke's vision, Boone climbed a cliff and went into a small plane, only to have it fall, causing fatal injuries.

Charlie Pace

Lost Former Main Characters - Charlie Pace
ABC/Mario Perez
Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace

Charlie was in a band with his brother and got mixed up in drugs and then quit the band. He went to Australia to ask his brother to join the band again, but his brother said no. Charlie was returning to the U.S. when the plane crashed.

On the island he struggled with drugs, and he also fell in love with Claire and her baby.

Charlie died because Desmond had a vision of his death and also saw that Claire and Aaron were rescued. Charlie went through with what he believed was his destiny.

Daniel Faraday

Lost Former Main Characters - Daniel Faraday
ABC/Mario Perez
Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday

Daniel came to the island via the freighter and was amazed at the island's properties. When the island began skipping through time, he tried to explain what he thought was happening to those around him.

He got a message to Desmond in the real world, by talking to the Desmond from the past who was on the island.

Daniel's mother, Eloise Hawking, had sent him to the island, knowing he would go back in time and she would shoot him.


Lost Former Main Characters - Eko
ABC/Mario Perez
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Mr. Eko

When Eko was a kid, thugs came into his villiage and commanded his little brother to shoot an old man. Eko grabbed the gun and shot the man and the thugs took him. He grew up to be a Drug Lord, but took over his brother's place as a priest when his brother was killed.

Eko was in the tail section of the plane when it crashed. After meeting up with the rest of the survivors, Eko's visions told him that he had to continue pressing the button in the hatch, even though Locke didn't want him to.

Eko was killed by the smoke monster.

Juliet Burke

Lost Characters - Juliet Burke
ABC/Mario Perez

Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet
Juliet was a fertility doctor whom Ben brought to the island to try to help their pregnant women, who kept dying. When she was assigned to the task of watching the prisoner, Jack, the two became close.

Juliet ended up living with the survivors, but didn't make it to the rescue freighter. When the island began skipping through time, she ended up in 1977 working for Dharma. She and Sawyer became very close and lived together.

During the shootout at the Swan construction site, Juliet was pulled down into the hole. Sawyer tried to save her, but couldn't. She was still alive and detonated the bomb, but even survived that. Sawyer dug down through the hatch rubble to get to her and there she did die.


Ilana in 'Lost' episode 6x10, 'The Package'
ABC/Mario Perez

Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana
Ilana worked for Jacob and thought of him like a father. He trained her and she went to the island to protect the candidates.

Because Richard wanted dynamite to blow up the Ajira plane so that Man in Locke couldn't leave the island, Ilana got four sticks from the Black Rock. When she set her bag down, the dynamite exploded and killed her (Ep: 6x12, Everybody Loves Hugo).

Libby Smith

Lost Former Main Characters - Libby Smith
ABC/Mario Perez
Cynthia Watros as Libby Smith

Before crashing on the island in the tail section of the plane, Libby spent some time in Santa Rosa Mental Institution at the same time that Hurley was there. At another time, she met Desmond and gave him her late husband's boat.

On the island, Libby became close with Hurley and was getting blankets from the hatch when she surprised Michael and he shot her.

Michael Dawson

Lost Former Main Characters - Michael Dawson
ABC/Mario Perez
Harold Perrineau Jr. as Michael Dawson

Walt's mother took him away from Michael and Michael did everything he could to get Walt back. After Walt's mother died, Michael went to Australia to get Walt and they were going to the U.S. when the plane crashed.

Michael did his best to take care of Walt on the island and took him and left on the rescue raft. Walt was kidnapped by Tom, and Michael ended up at a fake camp set up by the Others. When he returned to the survivors, he let Ben go and convinced Hurley, Jack, Sawyer, and Kate to go with him to the other side of the island, where they were captured and Michael and Walt were allowed to leave.

Working for Ben, Michael joined the freighter crew and blew up in the explosion.

Shannon Rutherford

Lost Former Main Characters - Shannon Rutherford
ABC/Mario Perez
Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford

After trying to con her stepbrother, Boone, out of money, only to be conned by the man she was dating, Shannon slept with Boone, whom she knew had always been in love with her.

After they crashed on the island, Boone was upset that Shannon wouldn't change her selfish ways. Shannon got close to Sayid and Boone got jealous. When Walt left the island, he left his dog, Vincent, with Shannon.

Shannon saw visions of Walt and when following one was shot by Ana-Lucia.

Walt Lloyd

Lost Former Main Characters - Walt Lloyd
ABC/Mario Perez
Malcolm David Kelley as Walt Lloyd

After Walt's mother died, his father, Michael went to get him. They crashed on the island and Walt made friends with Locke. Walt seemed to have special abilities to make things happen or appear.

While leaving the island on a raft the survivors made, Walt was kidnapped. His father betrayed four of the survivors in order to get Walt back and get off the island.

Locke had a vision of Walt long after Walt had left and it helped Locke to get up after being shot.

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