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Characters in 'Lost'


Lost might be about mythology, time travel, and a mysterious island, but first and foremost, it's about the characters. And, oh boy, are there interesting characters in Lost!

Main Characters in 'Lost'

Hurley is a main character in Lost
ABC/Mario Perez
Whether you love or hate them (or change your mind each episode), the main characters in Lost are a major part in making the show so good. Here is a list of season 6 main characters.

Minor 'Lost' Characters

Phil was a secondary character in Lost
ABC/Mario Perez
These supporting characters help us to better understand the main characters in Lost. Some of them may have a dramatic impact on the show as well.

Former Main Characters

Charlie was a main character in Lost
ABC/Mario Perez
These were main characters in Lost sometime between seasons 1 and 5, but not in season 6.

Top 10 Romantic Relationships on 'Lost'

Top 10 Relationships on 'Lost' - Desmond and Penny
ABC/Mario Perez
Whether you're a shipper (term given to fans who root for a certain {relation}ship, such as Jaters {Jack and Kate} or Skaters {Sawyer and Kate}) or not, you will enjoy the different romantic relationships on Lost.

Top 20 Deaths

Shannon was a character in Lost who died.
ABC/Mario Perez
Here are the best deaths in Lost. Some we were sorry to see go. Many we were surprised to see go. And some of them we have seen or will see again, despite their deaths.

Season 6 Cast

Lost Season 6 Cast - Evangeline Lilly
ABC/Bob D'Amico
Lost has always had an ensemble cast. Some of the main cast members have left, and others have joined to make up the Lost season 6 cast.
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