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Naveen Andrews Biography (Sayid) - 'Lost' Actor Naveen Andrews


Naveen Andrews portrays Sayid Jarrah on Lost

Naveen Andrews

©ABC/Mario Perez

Naveen Andrews' 'Lost' Role:

Sayid Jarrah, a veteran of the Iraqi Republican Guard.


January 17, 1969 in London, England


Auditioned and was accepted to London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama at the age of 16.


Naveen Andrews has a younger brother. He also has a son, Jaisal.

Of Note:

His full name is Naveen William Sidney Andrews. Naveen means "new" in Hindi.

Naveen seems to like older women. When he was 16 he fell in love with his mathematics teacher and they had a son, Jaisal, together in 1992.

He loves country music and although he portrays an Iraqi on the show, he is actually British, of Indian descent.

A recovering drug addict and alcoholic, Naveen Andrews came to America from London seeking rehabilitation and seems to have gotten his life back on track.

In 2006 he was voted one of People Magazine's "World's Most Beautiful People".

Naveen Andrews Highlighted Interviews:

Web Site:

Unofficial: Naveen-Andrews.net

What ABC.com says:

Naveen Andrews auditioned for drama school and was accepted at London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama. His studies paid off when he won a role in Hanif Kureshi's film, London Kills Me.

Naveen Andrews' Other Roles:

  • Hullo: (2011) Sanju
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: (2010) Detective Ash Ramsey
  • Animals: (2008) Vic
  • The Brave One: (2007) David
  • Grindhouse: (2007)
  • The Ten Commandments: (2006/Miniseries) Menerith
  • Provoked: (2006) Deepak Ahluwalia
  • Bride & Prejudice: (2004) Balraj Bingley
  • Easy: (2003) John
  • Rollerball: (2002) Sanjay
  • The Beast: (2001/TV Series) Tamir Naipaul
  • The Chippendales Murder: (2000/TV) Steve Banerjee
Early Roles: Drowning on Dry Land, Mighty Joe Young, Bombay Boys, My Own Country, True Love and Chaos, The English Patient, Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, The Peacock Spring, The Buddha of Suburbia, Wild West, Double Vision, London Kills Me

Last updated November 2010

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