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Matthew Fox Biography (Jack Shephard) - 'Lost' Actor Matthew Fox


Matthew Fox plays Jack Shephard on Lost

Matthew Fox

©ABC/Mario Perez

Matthew Fox's 'Lost' Role:

Dr. Jack Shephard, the bedside-manner-lacking spinal surgeon who is the reluctant leader of the crash survivors.


July 14, 1966 in Crowheart, Wyoming

Early Career:

Matthew Fox hoped to be a Wall Street broker, but he was talked into modeling. Modeling led to commercials, which led to acting.


Columbia University


He grew up on a ranch in Wyoming. His family raised horses and longhorn cattle and grew barley. In 1991 he married Margherita Ronchi. They have two children, Kyle (pronounced "Kyleigh") and Byron.

Of Note:

Matthew Fox, known by his friends as Foxy, played football for Columbia University during a long losing streak, which was ended during Matthew's senior year when they won two games at the end of the season. He is a Philadelphia Eagles fanatic.

He wanted to get away from people seeing him in his roll of Charlie Salinger, the oldest of five siblings in the TV show Party of Five In order to do that, he shaved his head and joined the L.A. repertory company. He began directing with the movie Lucky Bugger.

Damon Lindelof says that "Foxy" is a jock and hard-core tattooed dude, and he's sensitive, and he's a dad.

Matthew Fox's Highlighted Interviews:

Matthew Fox Discusses "Vantage Point" and "Lost"

Web Sites:

Unofficial: Matthew Fox Net

What ABC.com says:

Matthew Fox is an actor cut from the proverbial leading man cloth, carrying himself with strong charisma and a powerful presence.

Matthew Fox's Other Roles:

  • Speed Racer: (2008) Racer X.
  • Vantage Point: (2007) Kent Taylor.
  • We Are Marshall: (2006) Red Dawson.
  • Smokin' Aces: (2006) Bill Security Super.
  • "Avatar: The Last Airbender": (2006/TV Episode) Lao Beifong.
  • A Token for Your Thoughts: (2003) Rock star.
  • Haunted: (2002/TV Series) Frank Taylor.
  • Party of Five: (1994/TV Series) Charlie Salinger.

Early TV and Movies: Behind the Mask (1999/TV), Mad TV as Charlie Salinger (1995/TV Episode), If I Die Before I Wake (1993/TV), My Boyfriends's Back (1993/TV Series), Freshman Dorm (1992/TV Series), Wings (1992/TV Episode)

Last updated November 2010

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