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Boone Carlyle's Profile


Boone Carlyle in Lost episode 1x13

Boone Carlyle in episode 1x13

©ABC/Mario Perez

Boone Carlyle Played by: Ian Somerhalder

Reason for the Flight: He went to Sydney to get Shannon and they were returning home

Profession: Chief Operating Officer of his mother's wedding business

Boone Facts:

Pre-Crash: When Boone was a kid, his mother married Shannon's father. Shannon was a couple of years younger than Boone and he was always in love with her. He often got her out of bad situations. More than once he paid men to leave her, but realized Shannon was scamming him in order to get money.

When Shannon herself was scammed, she went to Boone and the two slept together. Shannon told him things would return to the way they were. They got on Flight 815 to return home.

Island: Boone wanted to help people, but didn't have the skills that Jack has. Before long, he found a friend in Locke and the two found a hatch that they dug out and tried to get into. After 41 days on the island, Boone was killed by injuries sustained from falling in an airplane that he climbed into following Locke's instructions and visions.

Flash-Sideways: Boone helps Hurley get Sayid to go to the church. Boone is at the church to greet Jack.

Strong Relationships: Locke, his mentor

Rocky Relationships: Shannon, his stepsister with whom he had a love/hate relationship

Flashback Episodes:

Boone Carlyle's Story:

Character Connections:

  • Shannon: Boone and Shannon are stepbrother and stepsister.
  • Sawyer: When Sawyer was arrested, he walked behind Boone in the Australian police station. (Ep: 1x13, Hearts and Minds)
  • Sayid: Sayid asked Shannon to watch his bag in the airport, but in a fight with Boone, Shannon told airport security that an Arab man had left his bag, and Sayid got in trouble. (Ep: 1x23, Exodus Part 1)
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