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10-Step Prep for 'Lost' Finale 2010

'Lost' Series Finale


Yes, it's really coming to an end. Sunday, May 23rd is the Lost finale 2010, which is also the series finale. There is a lot to do to get ready for this momentous event, so I've broken it down into 10 easy steps for you.

1. Plan Your Party

Fans get food at Ryan and Jen Ozawa's 'Lost' premiere party
About.com/Bonnie Covel
Find or plan a Lost finale party. My recommendation is gspn.tv's Weekly Lost Podcast fan party. RSVP immediately. Or plan your own. Take pictures and after the party, show it off through the Lost Party Show and Tell.

2. Take the Day Off

Lost Finale 2010 - Hurley's Golf Course
ABC/Mario Perez
Not only is it going to be an exhausting night, but we'll need a whole day (and beyond) to process all that we learn, and all that we still don't know and need to figure out. Monday is not a day for going to work, and in fact, should be a national holiday. You will not be able to focus on your work, so you will be doing your company a favor by taking the day off.

3. Schedule the DVR

Lost Finale 2010
About.com/Bonnie Covel

Check, double check, and triple check your DVR or other recording device. Here's what you'll want to record:

4. Gather Your Dharma Delectibles

Snacks - Lost Finale 2010
ABC/Mario Perez

If you're not attending a party, or you are the host of the party, you'll need to get some food together. It's going to be a TV marathon on Sunday, so be sure you have sustenance. Get out your Dharma supplies. I suggest eating a hearty meal during or just before the recap the show. Check out Super Bowl Food and Recipes for ideas.

You'll also need some snacks handy for during the show, and how about some dessert for after the finale and before Jimmy Kimmel?

5. Get Into Character

Lost Finale 2010 - Pregnant Claire
ABC/Mario Perez
Channel your favorite character by dressing up as him or her (or it) while you watch the finale. Get some ideas from the Lost Halloween Gallery. And encourage your friends to do the same. How awesome would it be to watch the finale sandwiched by Desmond and pregnant Claire?

6. Stock up on Tissues

Lost Finale 2010 - Photo of Sun crying over Jin's grave from 4x7, Ji Yeon
ABC/Mario Perez
Get the tissues ready, and not just because it's going to be sad when this great series comes to an end. The finale is going to be a tearjerker for sure. It might be a good idea to give everyone in the room their own box of tissues.

7. Predict

Lost Finale 2010 - Desmond can see the future
ABC/Mario Perez
Get your predictions in so that we can all be impressed if it turns out you were right. Here are the very important questions to answer before the series comes to an end:
  1. What will happen in the final scene of Lost?
  2. What do you want to happen in the final scene of Lost?
  3. What are your overall predictions for season 6 and the entire series of Lost?
  4. What would be the worst ending for Lost?

8. Reflect

Lost Finale 2010 - Michael in Lost episode 6x1, Pilot Part 1
ABC/Mario Perez
Reflect on this awesome television show that will go down in history as one of the greatest ever. Think about your favorite episodes and scenes, your favorite couple, the death that affected you most, the most important Lost character, the best one-liner, and everything else that makes this show so great. I enjoyed this video of clips put together by LD Movies.

9. Review

Lost Finale 2010 - Juliet's Book Club
ABC/Mario Perez
There are many ways to review what has already happened. My recommendation is to skim through the photo synopses. The pictures will refresh your memory and then the text is there to remind you of what else happened during the series.

10. Relax

Lost Finale 2010 - The raft sails in Lost episode 1x23, Exodus Part 1
ABC/Mario Perez
Don't worry about what is and isn't being answered (there will be plenty of time for that over the next few years). Just kick back and enjoy the episodes. Give yourself over to the story. It's been an amazing ride, Lost fans!
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