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'Lost' Fans

Lost fans are the best! Check out these fan answered questions, fan sites and podcasts to find out everything you ever wanted to know (well, everything that the producers allow us to know) about Lost.
  1. Questions for 'Lost' Fans (40)
  2. 'Lost' Podcasts (6)
  3. Blogs (10)

'Lost' Stuff
I've got 'Lost' stuff, you've got 'Lost' stuff, come show off your 'Lost stuff. See submissions

'Lost' Series Fan Questions
There were many 'Lost' questions that were never answered in the series.

10 Step Prep for the 'Lost' Finale 2010
Yes, it's really coming to an end. Sunday, May 23rd is the Lost finale 2010, which is also the series finale. There is a lot to do to get ready for this momentous event, so I've broken it down to 10 easy steps for you.

'Lost' Blogs and Podcasts
Do you run a 'Lost' blog or podcast that you'd like to share with the 'Lost' community? See submissions

'Lost' Forum
Join the conversation, start topics, or just read what others have written about this exciting show.

'Lost' Party Show and Tell
What's more fun than gathering with friends to watch 'Lost'? Tell us about your 'Lost' party. See submissions

'Lost' Fan Interviews from Sunset on the Beach 2010
Interviews with 'Lost' fans who attended Sunset on the Beach for the 'Lost' season 6 premiere.

Sunset on the Beach - 'Lost' Transmission Brunch
'Lost' fans gather at a brunch hosted by The Transmission podcast.

'Lost' Season 6 Premiere Event in Hawaii
Bonnie Covel from About.com attended the 'Lost' season 6 premiere event in Hawaii.

Sunset on the Beach 'Lost' Season 6 Premiere Lost Fans
'Lost' fans gather on the beach for an early look at the 'Lost' season 6 premiere.

Friday Night - Aha Aina Dinner Sunset on the Beach Event
The weekend started with an Aha Aina Dinner.

'Lost' Questions to Think About
Here are some questions to ponder as we watch season 6.

'Lost' on Twitter
Now you can follow producers, writers, and cast from 'Lost' on Twitter.

ABC's Official 'Lost' Website
Recaps, shops, boards, galleries, games, videos, and show info can be found on ABC's 'Lost' website.

The Fuselage
The official site of the creative team behind 'Lost'. This site is sponsored by 'Lost' co-creator, J.J. Abrams.

Enter the Hatch
Don't let another hatch implode! Help 'Lost' fans who are pushing the button every 108 minutes.

'Lost' blog, photos, videos, news, episode information, forums, links, and more.

'Lost' forums - numbers, theories, and more.

Claude Robotham
Mega fan Claude Robotham is a guest author for About.com's 'Lost' Web Site.

'Lost' Series Fan Questions
Alright, fans, there was a lot left over at the end of the 'Lost' series. Here's a list of questions that the fans are still wondering about, with some possible answers.

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