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'Lost' Basics and Beyond


Whether learning about Lost for the first time, refreshing your memory on characters and actors, or digging deeper into understanding this mysterious series, start here.
  1. 'Lost' Clues
  2. Theories
  3. Background on 'Lost'
  4. Character Profiles
  5. 'Lost's Terms
  6. Photo Galleries
  7. Trivia
  1. The Numbers
  2. Quizzes
  3. 'Lost' Review
  4. Cast Profiles
  5. Creator Profiles
  6. Interviews with Cast and Crew
  7. Books, DVDs, and Memorabilia

'Lost' Clues

Daniel Faraday in Lost episode 5x3, Jughead

Every clue counts! These clues shed some light on a few things and add questions about others.


Jack in Vinncent in 6x17, The End

Polar bears, monsters, the Dharma Initiative, the numbers...so many mysteries on our little Lost island.

Background on 'Lost'

Sawyer in Lost episode 1x2, Pilot Part 2

These brief articles arm you with the basics to fully enjoy the show.

Character Profiles

The Season 2 Main Characters ©ABC/Art Streiber

Learn or review details of main and secondary characters.

'Lost's Terms

The Black Rock

With so many terms and mysteries on the island, it is hard to keep everything straight.

Photo Galleries

Locke draws Charlie a picture in this deleted season 3 scene - ©ABC/Mario Perez

Revisit favorite, forgotten, and deleted scenes through these photo galleries.


Ellie in Lost episode 5x3, Jughead

Find out more about Lost through these fun trivia facts.

The Numbers

The timer from the Swan station

4 8 15 16 23 24. It first became apparent that the numbers were significant during the 18th episode of the first season, appropriately called "Numbers". Hurley won the lottery using the numbers and since then we have seen the numbers crop up again and again, either together or separately.


Young Charles Widmore

Have you been paying attention? Test your knowledge on all things Lost.

'Lost' Review

Mother in  Lost episode 6x15, Across the Sea

Review an entire season of 'Lost' one episode at a time. Each "lesson" contains information on one episode. Receive the emails daily or weekly.

Cast Profiles

Daniel Dae Kim, Evangeline Lilly, and Josh Holloway - ©Berliner Studio/BEImages

Behind our favorite characters are great actors and actresses who bring the characters to life.

Creator Profiles

Lost Executive Producer Damon Lindelof - ©ABC/Craig Sjodin

How do they come up with the plot twists and character development ideas for the scripts and direction? These people are brilliant!

Interviews with Cast and Crew

Carlton Cuse at the season 2 DVD launch party

Learn more about the people behind the characters in these interviews with cast and crew.

Books, DVDs, and Memorabilia

Jorge Garcia and Lost's execs with some of McFarlane's action figures - ©McFarlane Toys

Own a piece of the show with memorabilia, or dig deeper into the mystery with these books and DVDs.

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