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'Lost's Biggest Questions and Answers

'Lost' Season 6


There are so many questions to be answered in a very short time, so the Lost writers are really going to have to pick and choose what to answer. I'm compiling a list of Lost's biggest questions that we want to see answered, and answers as we get them. Add your own questions in the readers response area below.

22. Why Are They on the Island?

ABC/Mario Perez
Is it destiny? Were these specific people supposed to be on the island? And why is it that many of their lives overlapped before they came to the island?.

Answer: Man in Locke says that the people whose names are on the cave were pushed and manipulated by Jacob to get them to the island (Ep: 6x4, The Substitute). Jacob gave Ilana a list of the six remaining candidates for her to protect (Ep: 6x9, Ab Aeterno). It appears that the chosen candidate needs to keep Man in Black on the island so that evil cannot spread throughout the world.

Jacob tells Sawyer, Kate, Jack, and Hurley that he brought them to the island as possible protectors of the island because they were flawed and they needed the island as much as the island needed them (Ep: 6x16, What They Died For).

21. What Happened to MIB and Jacob When Juliet Detonated Jughead?

Jacob in 'Lost' episode 6x9, 'Ab Aeterno'
ABC/Mario Perez

After Juliet detonated the bomb, our characters returned to the 2007 timeline. In the flash-sideways in 2004, we saw that the island was underwater. What happened to Man in Black and Jacob?

Answer: I am now convinced that the bomb never detonated (it would have destroyed the island). I think the flash to white was the Losties returning to 2007. Later, when Juliet told Sawyer, "It worked," she was dying and moving back and forth between the island and the flash-sideways. When she was thinking "It worked," she was talking about the vending machine.

The island was going to be underwater, but that was changed when Kate killed Man in Locke. Or, the island was under water way in the future.

20. Who Are the Good Guys and Who Are the Bad Guys?

ABC/Mario Perez

Ben, Juliet, Jacob, Richard, Black Shirt, Locke, Charles, Ilana, Bram, who are the good guys?

Answer: Good = Juliet, Jacob, Richard, Locke, Ilana, Bram (maybe)

Bad = Man in Black, Mother

Bad Turned Good = Ben, Charles

19. Is Christian Shephard Alive?

Christian Shephard
ABC/Mario Perez

Jack mentions him a couple of times in the future as if he is alive. If he's not alive, how is he seen on the island?

Answer: According to Man in Locke, he was posing as Christian Shephard on the island (Ep: 6x13, The Last Recruit). But that begs the question, who was posing as Christian Shephard when Jack saw him off the island?

18. Who was in the Cabin When Ben Thought Jacob Talked to Locke?

Ben shot Locke after they left the cabin
ABC/Mario Perez

Was it Jacob? Was it Black Shirt pretending to be Jacob?

Answer: We really don't have a definitive answer to this one, but we've got a good discussion going: What's the story with the cabin?

17. Who Built the Statue?

The Statue
And why does it have four toes? And how did it get destroyed?

Answer: We still don't know who built it, but it was destroyed in 1867 when the Black Rock smashed through it when the ship crashed on the island (Ep: 6x9, Ab Aeterno).

16. Who's Coming?

Killing Jacob
ABC/Mario Perez
Who did Jacob mean when he said, "They're coming," just before Locke threw Jacob in the fire?

15. Why Don't Jacob or Richard Age?

ABC/Mario Perez

And how do they leave the island?

Answer: It appears that Jacob stopped aging when Mother gave him some liquid to drink in front of the light cave (Ep: 6x15, Across the Sea).

Richard doesn't age because Jacob made him ageless after he came to the island in 1867. Richard was sent by Man in Black to kill Jacob, but Jacob explained that Man in Black was evil. Jacob asked Richard to help him with the people he brings to the island and gave Richard eternal life in exchange for his help (Ep: 6x9, Ab Aeterno).

14. What is in That Guitar Case?

ABC/Mario Perez
Is it a guitar? And if so, does it belong to Charlie?

Answer: The ankh from the four-toed statue. Hurley took the case to the Temple and Dogen opened it, took out the ankh, broke it, and pulled a piece of paper from it. (Ep: 6x2, LA X Part 2)

13. Where's Claire?

ABC/Mario Perez
She disappeared, leaving her baby behind, then Locke saw her in Jacob's cabin acting all strange.

Answer: Running around in the jungle, shooting Others to save Jin. (Ep: 6x3, What Kate Does)

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