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'Lost' Episodes

A Guide to 'Lost' Episodes


Lost episodes have brought us twists, turns, and polar bears. Lost has kept us on our toes since we first began watching.

1. 'Lost' Season 1 Episode Guide

ABC/Mario Perez
Lost's season 1 brought us into the world of a mysterious island, polar bears, and survivors.

2. 'Lost' Season 2 Episode Guide

2x7, The Other 48 Days Episode Guide
ABC/Mario Perez
Season 2 brought us the Tailies and introduced us to the man we would later know as Benjamin Linus.

3. 'Lost' Season 3 Episode Guide

3x21, Greatest Hits Episode Guide
ABC/Mario Perez
Season 3 brought us the Others and Desmond's strange visions.

4. 'Lost' Season 4 Episode Guide

4x7, Ji Yeon Episode Guide
ABC/Mario Perez
Season 4 brought us flash forwards and the freighter folk.

5. 'Lost' Season 5 Episode Guide

5x3, Jughead Episode Guide
ABC/Mario Perez
Season 5 brought us mind-bending time travel, and split our Losties between 1977 and 2007.

6. 'Lost' Season 6 Episode Guide

Frank in Lost season 6
ABC/Mario Perez
Season 6 brings us the ending to the most fabulous show ever to grace our television screens.
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