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'Lost's Background

Whether you're new to ABC's Lost, or a longtime fan, find basic information on this mysterious drama, including the premise, air times, writers, produces, stars, and behind the scenes peeks.
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'Lost' the TV Show Review
'Lost' the TV Show began in 2004 and for six years kept millions captivated.

'Lost' Season 6 Premiere Event in Hawaii
'Lost' fans came from all over the world for the 'Lost' season 6 premiere event that took place in Hawaii.

'Lost' Calendar
Find out when 'Lost' is on, what episodes are new, and when cast members are on talk shows.

'Lost' Episodes
Lost episodes have brought us twists, turns, and polar bears. Lost has kept us on our toes since we first began watching.

'Lost's Biggest Questions
There are so many questions to be answered in a very short time, so the 'Lost' writers are really going to have to pick and choose what to answer.

'Lost' the Final Season - Season 6
'Lost' the Final Season, season 6, begins in 2010.

'Lost' Review
This 'Lost' review delivers an depth look at each episode, delivered right to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis.

'Lost' - Get Up To Speed Fast
Ready to start watching 'Lost'? Read this article to quickly get up to speed.

What you Need to Know to Watch 'Lost'
New to 'Lost'? Find out what you need to know to watch this television series.

Why Watch 'Lost'?
Need some reasons to watch 'Lost'? Everybody is talking about this hit show, it has edge-or-your-seat storylines, exciting characters, and mystery.

ABC 'Lost' Profile
General information on ABC's 'Lost', including premise, format, air dates, creators, writers, and stars.

An Interview with Lynnette Porter
Lynnette Porter answers my questions about her book 'Unlocking the Meaning of Lost an Unauthorized Guide'.

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