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I Found Randy!

By February 4, 2008

Who is Randy and why am I so happy to find him? Randy Nations was Hurley's boss when Hurley worked at Mr. Clucks. Then Hurley hired Randy when Hurley bought Mr. Clucks. Somewhere along the line Randy went to work at Hurley's box company where he was Locke's boss.

Okay, so now that we got that straight, let me tell you why I was looking for him. I knew that he was supposed to be in The Beginning of the End, but I never saw him. For a while I even thought that maybe it was his eye that looked out at Hurley from Jacob's cabin. But, no, he was there in the flash forward when Hurley was caught by the police.

In my defense, he was only on screen for a mere second and he does look a little different than he had before. And, okay, I didn't really find him myself, I read about it on BuddyTV. But I'm so happy to have finally found out where he was. I went back and watched the beginning of the episode and saw him for myself. He videotapes Hurley getting caught by the police. He's apparently an employee at the local electronics store.

BuddyTV has a screen capture of Randy. Also, they have a screen capture of Christian Shephard sitting in Jacob's chair that I know some of you missed.


February 5, 2008 at 9:48 am
(1) Regula says:

I know this may seem like the obvious, but sometimes I think some of the secondary actors on lost are just used as extras in small parts for a couple of seconds of on screen time and dont neccessarily have a connection to the main characters of the series..(alright that sounds confusing so let me explain) We all know there are secondary characters in the show that link other characters together for instance the real “Sawyer” which is John Lockes Dad was linked to the Sawyer we know on the island and the man he later killed. But then there are characters like “Randy Nations” and the man who played the old man that hurley paid to use his scooter at the airport who also played a priest in another episode with charlie confessing to him, in those instances with these actors I just think they are extras and not ment to link to other characters, the actor who plays randy nations is probably a fill in of small parts, I cant tell you how many times I saw a movie, (take rush hour 1 and 2 for instance) and some of the actors that play the bad guys that jackie chan fights return in the sequel but they arent linked to the same story its just the same actor under a different character. So while I think certain characters are definitely linked together in the lost series I think when Bonnie was doing the “lost” character link portion on about.com she analyzed it so much that she included actors who play extras in different parts of the lost story but arent really linked together in the lost world.

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