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What to Expect from Lost's Season Three - Updated

By August 19, 2006

The Others capture Hurley, Kate, Jack, and SawyerDuring season three we'll get:
  • The first six episodes will answer many of season two's hanging questions, but will also introduce a lot more questions
  • The hatch is no more
  • Locke is alive! And he travels with Sayid and other survivors to try and free Jack, Kate, and Sawyer
  • To explore the Others and what they want
  • To continue to celebrate Sun's pregnancy
  • Some newcomers, including Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell), a woman in her middle 30s who is probably an Other and a love interest of Jack's. Also, Rodrigo Santoro joins the cast
  • More present time from the outside world
  • An event mid-season that will blow people away
  • More from Alex
  • J.J. Abrams will co-write the premiere with Damon Lindelof and hopefully J.J. will direct episode 7.
  • More on the Desmond Penny relationship
  • Why Libby was in the asylum
  • Why the island has healing powers
  • An understanding of the ramifications of Desmond turning the key in the hatch
  • An understanding of why the Others took Jack, Kate, and Sawyer
  • New characters who will have flashback scenes
  • An explanation of Jack's tattoos
  • More from Danielle Rousseau
  • More from Libby's backstory
  • More of a focus on romance
  • Exploration of what happened on the island before Dharma
  • More from the smoke monster
  • How Locke got in a wheelchair
More info and sources: Season three premieres October 4th at 9 p.m. on ABC.
Photo of Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer ŠABC/Mario Perez


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